Pizzeria Zia Lucia launches beer brand to match dough and it’s on the money

Three bottles of Birra Cabriole lager in a garden setting

London pizzeria Zia Lucia has celebrated its fifth birthday with the launch of its own beer brand, Birra Cabriole. Cabriole is an unfiltered lager (4.6%) with a hoppy, refreshing attitude – we’ve had some chilling and can confirm, it’s quite a treat.

Rising to prominence as part of the Capital’s pizza renaissance, Zia Lucia’s first independent pizzeria on Holloway Road attracted attention with unusual doughs, deliciously difficult to decide on toppings and Italian flair

Since then, Zia Lucia has gone on to open neighbourhood pizzerias in Aldgate East, Hammersmith, Box Park Wembley, Islington and most recently Wandsworth. 

The restaurant is renowned for an expansive selection of 48-hour slow-fermented doughs, including traditional white flour, wholemeal, gluten free and vegetable charcoal base.  

Zia Lucia is renowned for an expansive selection of 48-hour slow-fermented doughs…with Italian flair

Claudio and Gianluca founders of Zia Lucia pose with pizzas
Zia Lucia founders Claudio and Gianluca

The founders have also opened a pasta restaurant, Berto, in Holloway. Berto also offers four types of freshly made pasta doughs.

Inspired by founder’s Claudio and Gianluca’s love of Southern Italy’s coastline, Birra Cabriole has been created in collaboration with Brighton brewery, Laine Brew Co. The beer has been specifically designed to complement each of the four different pizza and pasta doughs, perfect for frosty governors, and is served at Zia Lucia and sister restaurant Berto, as well as Laine Brew pubs across the UK and online.

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