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Luxman updates a Hi-Fi classic with a limited edition of its iconic eighties stereo amp

Luxman L-595A SE stereo amp against a moody sunset

There was something rather wonderful about the design of Japanese Hi-Fi in the seventies and eighties. With brutalist sharp edges, aluminium fascias, rotary dials and space-age touch-controls, it’s an aesthetic that elicits much admiration from aficionados even today. 

Yokohama-based Luxman still flies the flag for such timeless design, producing rarefied audio components designed for a discerning clientele. 

Now to celebrate its 95th anniversary – born 1925, it’s one of the oldest specialist audio brands in the world – it’s taken one of its most iconic catalogue items and given it a 21st century make-over, while retaining the look of the original.

The L-595A SE stereo amplifier is a reimagining of its L-570 model, launched in 1989. 

Limited to a production run of only 300 units, the L-595A SE is outwardly similar to that classic, but adds a number of fresh design flourishes made possible by new metal processing techniques – and each model is individually numbered. 

Limited to a production run of only 300 units, the L-595A SE is outwardly similar to the classic L-570 but adds a number of design flourishes…

  • Luxman L-595A SE stereo amplifier cabinet close-up

The L-595A SE features a silver hairline two-tone front panel that pays homage to the original L-570 series. The direct selection square input selector, allows users to intuitively switch souces, and rewards with a tactile operational feel.

A precision volume knob illuminates level with an LED installed in a large seated opening. 

The top plate is 6mm thick, with a  hair-line finish to match the front panel. Vents have been slightly widened to improve heat dissipation, compared to the original. It also sports a retro-style cursive brand logo, with deeply engraved lettering.  The amp is reassuringly heavy at 27.7kg.

The L-595A SE comes with the brand’s high-end RA-17A aluminum remote control, which  also operates Luxman’s range of high-end CD/SACD players.

Beneath the hood, it retains the pure Class A operation and topography of its predecessor, but adds new circuit designs.

It adopts a ‘beeline’ construction approach which directs audio input signals via the optimum shortest route to the speaker output, as well as non-angled circuit board tracing, for the smoothest current transmission.  The amp is rated at 30 watts per channel (into 8 Ohms).

There are four pairs of analogue phono inputs, with terminals made from a copper alloy said to deliver the conductivity of copper and hardness of brass. Connectivity also includes a built-in MM/MC compatible phono amplifier circuit, for vinyl music lovers.

Available for order through Luxman dealers, the L-595-A SE retails for £11,000.

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