Touring Superleggera to unveil Arese RH95 supercar at Salon Privé 2021

ARESE RH95 rear view of the supercar in a photo studio

Italian styling house Touring Superleggera is celebrating its 95th anniversary by launching its first mid-engined coupé. The V8-powered Touring Arese RH95 is set to make its UK debut during the exclusive 2021 Salon Privé car show at Blenheim Palace in September.

Named after Superleggera’s home township in Milan (and the initials of the Arese project’s unknown founding patron), just 18 of the carbonfibre-bodied Arese RH95s will be made, each to a fully bespoke spec. 

They’ll be sold alongside the Alfa 8C inspired Aero 3, one of last year’s Salon Privé star turns (previous jaw-dropping efforts include the Bentley Flying Star and Disco Volante Coupé) which remains in production.

Drawing inspiration from the coachbuilder’s previous efforts, the new model features novel scissor-hinged doors, a bright aluminium side-slash, a sensuously low waistline inspired by the aforementioned Disco Volante, as well as a beautifully proportioned grille and frontal treatment that echoes that of the Aero 3.

Superleggera says the new model will be built around the drivetrain of ‘a well-known exotic, mid-engined donor car’…

  • ARESE RH95 in the drive of a country house with gull-wings open

Coyly, Superleggera says the new model will be built around the drivetrain of ‘a well-known exotic, mid-engined donor car’ but declines to specify exactly which. For those who hate mysteries, a cursory examination of the RH95’s engine/gearbox specifications and the interior suggest that long-term partner Ferrari’s spectacular 488 Pista is almost certainly the base car in question. 

With some 710hp on tap, as well as a top speed of 211mph and 0-62mph time of circa 3.0 seconds, the Arese RH95 should prove as satisfying to pilot as it is to behold. 

Price? Superleggera isn’t saying. Safe to say, however, if you have to ask you’re absolutely not the target customer demographic for one of these beauties. Probably best to just join us for a consolation gawp when it makes its debut at Blenheim in the Autumn… 

More info at Salonpriveconcours.com.

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