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6 things you never knew about cosmetic surgery, according to Botched’s expert doctor

Surprisingly, for one of the world’s leading plastic surgeons, Dr. Terry Dubrow M.D., F.A.C.S. is rather anti-plastic surgery. 

“More is not better… you want to do it in small steps,” Dr. Dubrow reveals, as he chats to The Luxe Review.

It’s probably because he has hosted Botched for seven seasons – the hit reality show which takes us inside the world-renowned Beverly Hills surgery office of Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif as they complete life-changing transformations on ‘’botched” bad plastic surgery from far less reputable clinics – and of which an exciting new seventh season hits reality TV streaming giant hayu today. 

From the heartbreaking to the jaw-dropping, this new season sees the doctors taking on their most complicated cases yet, helping patients who have suffered harrowing trauma from terrible accidents and genetic defects as well as those who have been ‘botched’ by previous surgeries. 

“The show has a very different look this season” Dr. Dubrow tells us, “We’re still seeing a lot of noses, breasts and butts, but we also had a woman who had a giant second foot, and a man who had half his abdomen missing from a shark bite.” 

Dr. Terry Dubrow, one half of Botched’s iconic doctor duo

In fact, not only does Dr. Dubrow know the risks of plastic surgery, but he’s experienced it first hand. “I got some fillers about two and a half years ago from one of the world’s best injectors, and I put a lot in. I looked terrible! You can Google the pictures – I was botched!” he explains, “So, even someone like me, who’s an expert and has done this for a living for all these years can be an idiot.”

So, when The Luxe Review sat down with Dr. Terry Dubrow ahead of the can’t-look-away new season, we had to ask all the questions we’ve always wanted to know about the most popular cosmetic procedures – and discover what everyone really needs to know before they get them. 

Allow the best in the business to reveal what no other cosmetic surgeon will tell you… 

Be weary of new procedures 

“Right now, there are a lot of procedures which are new – like string face lifts, different kinds of fillers and new energy devices that go inside the body to tighten the skin on the outside. It’s a very unique time because these new untested procedures are intersecting and overlapping with this giant new pent up demand from both people who didn’t get their procedures done because of the pandemic, and now, other people who wouldn’t normally get procedures but have stared at themselves for so long on Zoom that they have a new desire for them.” 

“That makes for a scary time, because you’re getting this mixing of new, untested, almost experimental procedures with all of these people who want to make changes right now. If you’re going to get something done, go to a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who’s doing time-tested procedures. Don’t be the first on your block to have a new procedure that’s just come out – let other people experiment with those.” 

“A Brazilian Butt Lift is the most dangerous operation there is…”

Dr. Terry Dubrow

Thread lifts: Why you should stay away 

“I’m not a fan of the string lift. There are new procedures which use strings in the face to give you a facelift, and I have not been impressed by them.

“Even when it works, it only works for a few months, and when it goes bad, it means you’ve got this foreign string in your face that can leave a lot of dents and a lot of scarring.” 

Brazilian Butt Lifts are one of the most dangerous surgeries you can get 

“I’m hoping to see the giant butt trend go away soon. First of all, that’s not my aesthetic. I don’t love this bizarrely small waist with huge hips and huge buttocks. But who cares what my aesthetic is? What I don’t like is that it’s turned out to be an incredibly dangerous operation.

“The procedure takes fat from one part of the body, and injects it into the buttock. If it gets into those little short veins in your buttock that track into the main vein in your body that leads back to your heart, that can be quite fatal – so that operation is no question the most dangerous operation. Forget plastic surgeries, the most dangerous operation there is is a Brazilian butt lift and fat transfer, yet it’s getting more and more popular. I’d love to see that operation go away.”

Zoom is making more people want cosmetic procedures – but be careful with the changes you make 

“I think people are looking at their necks a lot. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve done so many Zoom meetings over the last year that even I see myself and say, ‘When did my neck start to look like that?’

“I think what happens is that we’re used to looking in the mirror a certain way – I look in the mirror while tilting my head a certain way or sucking my gut in, but you don’t have that option when you’re on a Zoom meeting. So, a lot of people now want work on their eyes, fillers and different kinds of Botox. That’s why the string lifts are becoming so popular, but be very careful with those.” 

Early Botox, if done carefully, can help prevent you from developing deep lines on your face

Dr. Terry Dubrow

Fillers can be dangerous: less is more 

“Every complication you can imagine can actually happen with fillers. The advice I give is: go easy. Chances are that you won’t have a complication if you don’t overdo it. Go to an injector who is not going to go too deep, and how is not going to put it in a blood vessel that can track back to your eye and make you blind.

“On Botched, we’ve seen patients who had filler injected in the area around their nose, and it has gotten into a big artery and their nose dies. You have to be really careful about who you go to and how much you have put in.” 

The three-step secret to looking younger: Skincare and (a little) Botox

“This is going to sound very basic but it’s very true. Number one: Don’t smoke. Number two: try to keep your weight steady, because the more you go up and down the more it stretches your skin. Number three: take care of your skin, stay out of the sun, and use a good skincare program.

“Then, I hate to admit this, but there is something to be said for early Botox. Early Botox, done judiciously and carefully, can help prevent you from developing deep lines on your face. So, as much as I’m not a fan of doing plastic surgery before it’s time, there is something to be said for keeping those wrinkles off your face relatively early. Your late 20s is a good time to start injecting a little bit of Botox intermittently to prevent those crease lines in your face.” 

Stream the new season of Botched on hayu in the UK & Ireland from May 19.

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