Roxy’s flattering new swim line is full of eco-friendly swimwear you can actually swim in

It’s no exaggeration to say that 2021 might just be our most anticipated summer ever. 

Sunshine, lazy al fresco dining and beach days could not come quick enough. And one way we’re getting excited? Planning our long-overdue new beach wardrobe with Roxy’s gorgeous just-launched swim line (seriously, girls just wanna have sun). 

Roxy’s new Summer 2021 line is designed with your body in mind

Why are we so obsessed? Because this is swimwear you can actually swim in. Forget bikinis which you’re scared to move in – we love that Roxy’s pieces are designed with your body in mind. And they’ll have us feeling like total beach babes, too.

Swimwear you can actually swim in? It’s rarer than you might think

In fact, Roxy’s new ‘On The Beach’ campaign for summer 2021 celebrates just that, with a line of swimwear designed to fit and flatter all bodies and deliver the comfort we all deserve. Featuring various top and bottom cuts going from mini to full coverage, the new range offers everything from minimalist bikinis to vibrant one-pieces in fabrics to suit colour-block aficionados or lovers of Roxy’s well-known tropical prints alike. 

As the first (and pretty much only) female action sports brand, what’s great about Roxy is that they understand how to create swimwear which flatters all female bodies – and doesn’t slip off when we want to swim, surf and splash around in the sun. 

We’re also fans of the line’s sustainable fabrics. Made from recycled nylon and using eco-fabrication techniques, you can wear these with a clear conscious, mindful of the nature you’re splashing around in. Plus, they’re all chlorine and sunscreen resistant, meaning you will be able to rock your new suit over and over again. And believe us, we’re planning on it. 

Whether you want to take to the waves for an ocean adventure – or simply look damn hot while soaking up the sun – here are some of our highlights from the summer 2021 range. Bring on the beach… 

You can view the full new range now at

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