Work out: This innovative office chair recreates your standing posture while sitting

Hailed as the first realistic alternative to the standing desk, the Hesed Chair is designed to recreate your standing posture while seated, and offer welcome relief to those working long uncomfortable hours from home.

Taking nearly 20 years of research and development, the Hesed Chair is the brainchild of company founder and osteopath Simon Freedman. It’s able to recreate a person’s natural standing posture when they are sitting, while also automatically adjusting to the different shape and size of users, with ‘active’ technology that allows continuous ‘micro’ exercise

Not only does it allow your pelvis to maintain the same position seated as standing, the chair encourages each thigh to move independently of the other, again to replicate our standing posture says its creator. 

Taking nearly 20 years of research and development, the Hesed Chair is able to recreate a person’s natural standing posture when they are sitting…

Supportive pads encourage micro exercise

A key innovation is the design of the two specially shaped and positioned pads which support your sitting bones and thighs while adapting to specific size, shape, and movement patterns. 

The pads encourage healthy pelvic and spinal posture and nudge the user to make regular small movements. 

Everyone that’s used it so far has reported reduction of aches and pains, some miraculously so, says its inventor.

Carefully engineered flexibility and positioning of six ‘acu-pressure balls’ replicate an osteopathic technique called inhibition and improve blood flow and function according to the sitter’s needs. 

“The current climate has highlighted the importance of our underlying health and that must include people sitting for extended periods in unsuitable chairs while working from home,” says freedman.

“I have seen this problem time and again throughout my 30-year career as a professional osteopath and it became very clear that my patient’s physical problems were being exasperated both by the lack of a suitable chair and the length of time they were seated. But, I just couldn’t find a chair to recommend to them, so I decided the only solution was to create one. It’s been one hell of a journey but having tested the chair on several patients with chronic low back pain and seeing their improvement I think it will all have been worthwhile”. 

The Hesed Chair sells for £595 and is available from Hesed Design.

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