Grenada Rocks in wanderlust-inspiring new series led by some of the island’s coolest residents

With fifty world-class white sand beaches, luxury beachfront resorts, and even the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park, Grenada was already high on our list of dream destinations to visit when we’re able to again. 

But a new video series highlighting even further how much the Caribbean tri-island destination ‘rocks’ has sent it straight to the top of our list. 

St. George’s, the capital of Grenada

The series, Grenada Rocks, highlights the must-visit Southern Caribbean destination’s authenticity, unique charm, and generally how it rocks, as told by some of the island’s most inspiring and creative Grenadians (who also happen to rock). Known as the “Spice Island of the Caribbean,” there’s a lot to shine the spotlight on. 

In the first episode of the online series, recording artist Jevaughn John aka “V’ghn” stars, as he takes us through some of his favourite things about the Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique islands – some of which we’ll definitely be adding to our next trip itinerary (the nature), and some of which might be a little trickier (his mum’s callaloo soup). 

As V’ghn says in the video, recommending Grenada’s Diamond River in St Mark,  river “This very river is my favourite place. I love to come here, chill out, write, relax, and just take in nature. I love natural places and I love to embrace nature, and this is where I love to be, and where I feel myself the most.” 

Watch the first episode, below… 

The rest of the series will star renowned leaders in their fields, such as international fashion designer of Grenadian descent, Fe Noel, whose designs have been worn by Michelle Obama and Beyonce.

In exciting news, we can also expect to be able to make that dream trip to Grenada soon, according to Chairman of the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) Barry Collymore. Collymore said, “Grenada has managed the COVID-19 pandemic very well and as more of the world reopens to travel it is going to be critical to tell the story of our people moving forward, to build demand for our safe destination.” 

You can follow the rest of the personal stories and wanderlust-inspiring videos using the hashtag #GrenadaRocks. For more information on travel requirements and Pure Safe Travel approved accommodations and vendors, visit You can view the highest rated hotels in Grenada right here.

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