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Morgan x Piston ash-infused gin is a real tonic for sports car fans

Fans of Morgan’s iconic wooden-framed sports cars can now get even closer to their cherished motors… by physically ingesting the essence of their favourite car’s innards.

Renowned for its use of ash wood for the frames of its cars, the Malvern-based Morgan Motor Company’s latest wheeze is to create what’s believed to be the world’s first ash-infused gin, using its pile of left-over wood shavings.

Morgan x Piston Gin is produced in collaboration with the nearby Worcester-based Piston Distillery and features notes of ‘natural crisp sweet apple’ and ‘delicate wood’ (absolutely no jokes please) from the carefully selected shavings of ash. The maker advises it tastes best with a ginger ale mixer, garnished with fresh blackberries and plenty of ice.

Morgan x Piston Gin features notes of ‘natural crisp sweet apple’ and ‘delicate wood’ from the carefully selected shavings of ash…

Morgan sports cars meet Piston gin

Grace Stringer, the Piston Distillery’s manager, declares “It’s a great idea to pay homage to Morgan’s history by using ash as its signature botanical, and adding the apple to soften the flavour has created a wonderfully distinctive gin.”

“Ash wood forms one of Morgan’s three core materials, alongside aluminium and leather, and as such is intrinsic to our coachbuilding identity,” enthuses Toby Blythe, Morgan’s head of marketing. “We were curious to find out how this material could be infused with their acclaimed gins.” Yeah, we’ve had sessions like that, too, Toby….

Morgan x Piston Gin is available direct from the motor manufacturer (via its website) for £51 for a 70cl bottle delivered in the UK, or £61 delivered in a gift box (add a fiver if you’re desperate and need it in three, rather than the standard five days). Sounds like the perfect pressie for sports car fans.

Frankly, we can’t wait to take it for a spin. If only, of course, so that we can personally confirm that that it’s, ahem, good wood.

We’ll get our coats…

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