Daytime TV spoof Tuesday Afternoon Kitchen secures second series on Amazon Prime Video

A second season of the award-winning satirical sitcom Tuesday Afternoon Kitchen is heading to Amazon Prime Video, after debuting on Facebook as a web series last year.  Season one is currently available to view on the streaming service. 

The show, which won eight awards and nominations on this year’s festival circuit, spoofs daytime TV and covers current affairs and ‘important’ issues.

In each episode, host Simon Chantry presents the show along with in-house teetotal wine expert Rupert Sebacious-Smythe who now handles soft drink and food reviews. Together they take calls from celebrities and viewers on a range of burning issues, as well as chatting to celebrity chefs and special guests live on the sofa…

The show spoofs daytime TV and covers current affairs and ‘important’ issues…

Host Simon Chantry and teetotal wine expert Rupert Sebacious-Smythe

The four part series features an ensemble cast led by Tom Selway and Howard Nightingall, with recurring appearances from Liam Noble (Peep Show, Spirit Breaker, White Gold), Verona Rose (Pants on Fire, Eastenders), Dean Kilbey (All The Money In The World, Eastenders, The Job Interview) and Britain’s Got Talent finalist Andrew Lancaster. The show is written and directed by multi award-winning writer/ director Dan Summers.

“We’re excited to have our new series on Amazon Prime and have had a great reaction so far,” said Summers. “We can’t wait to begin filming the second series in the New Year. Expect some horrendous new ‘guests’ and some unexpected twists along the way.”

The daytime chat style show features an array of entertaining topics throughout the series ranging from ‘National Men Who Don’t Drive Day’ to DILF fashion outfits; from soft drink tasting to live calls with celebrities and outrageous members of the public. 

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