Italian premium loudspeaker maker Sonus faber invites music fans to trade up their Hi-Fi

Premium Italian loudspeaker manufacturer Sonus faber has announced a trade in and trade up scheme for UK music enthusiasts. The promotion offers the full original purchase price of any trade-in speaker (regardless of brand), when purchasing at 2.5x the trade-in value.

The promotion, which is being managed by Sonus faber’s UK handler Fine Sounds UK, will run for three months until December 31 2020.

This is how the Sonus faber loudspeaker trade-in works: If you buy a new Sonus faber speaker system worth a minimum 2.5x the value of your trade-in speaker, you’ll receive the full original purchase price of the trade-in as a discount on production of an original invoice. 

Sonus faber loudspeakers are renowned for their luxurious design and refined performance…

Sonus faber’s high-end Sonetto AV loudspeakers

The offer is valid on a range of applicable high-end Hi-Fi, including the brand’s flagship Reference collection, which includes the Aida range (pictured top), as well as its Homage Tradition, Olympica Nova  and AV models from the Sonetto line.

Sonus faber loudspeakers are renowned for their luxurious design, taking full advantage of their Italian craftsmanship heritage, and their refined performance.

A UK online locator tool is available to help those interested locate a participating dealer.

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