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Node Audio brings high-end Hi-Fi to Salon Privé 2020 automotive concours

Classic cars and classy Hi-Fi? Sounds like a winning combination to us – and that’s exactly what you’ll get at this year’s Salon Privé automotive concours event, which runs September 23-26.

Cambridge-based Node Audio has confirmed it’ll once again be at Blenheim Palace, demonstrating its spectacular Hylixa loudspeakers. Given the widespread cancellation of dedicated Hi-Fi shows this year, it’s a rare opportunity to get up close to these enclosures.

“Like many of the automotive brands on display, we’re an engineering-led company,” says director Ashley May. “There’s a clear synergy between automotive and acoustic engineering challenges to create low-mass, stiff bodies that carefully manage air-flow and vibrational energy in pursuit of performance. The resulting streamlined, automotive aesthetic of our speakers is not coincidental, it’s absolutely driven by science and engineering.”

“There’s a clear synergy between automotive and acoustic engineering challenges…”

Hylixa loudspeakers provide a soundtrack for Salon Privé

Salon Privé guests not only covet quality materials and craftsmanship, but appreciate the design and manufacturing innovation, he adds.

THis year’s Salon Privé features limited guest numbers,and will implement temperature testing, and increased sanitation and distancing measures throughout. Tickets can be booked here

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