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Luxury renovation turns 18th century Italian Palace into Private Residence Club

An 18th century Italian palace in Abruzzo, Italy is being converted into luxury residences, to open 2022. The renovation of the palace of Palazzo Ricci aims to preserve the original classic design of the palace, but incorporate the latest in energy efficiency, engineering, and seismic stability. 

Built in 1799, Palazzo Ricci is a 220-year-old palace located in the hilltop village of Casoli, adjacent to the town’s mediaeval castle, Castello Masciantonio. The historic town offers panoramic views of the Apennine Mountains, Adriatic Sea and Italian countryside. 

Abruzzo has been dubbed ‘the green lung of Italy’, with half of its territory designated as national parks and nature reserves.  

The palace was originally designed and built for the Ricci family of Italian nobility…

The hilltop village of Casoli

The palace was originally designed and built for the Ricci family of Italian nobility and remained in the Ricci family’s possession until acquired in 2020 by Viaggio Resorts.  

The 14 separate residences will cover five floors, and range in size from four one-bedroom apartments, six two-bedroom residences (including one with loft), a trio of three-bedroom residences and one penthouse.  

The lower ground garden floor common area will include roman bath, lounge, entertainment and access to a rooftop observation deck. Palazzo Ricci hospitality staff are on hand 24/7. 

Artist render of Palazzo Ricci renovation

The Palace Garden will feature a private garden with secluded sitting areas, swimming pool, fitness centre, outdoor living and dining areas, built-in barbecues and fire pits, old-world water features, covered walkways and terraces.

Scheduled for completion in Summer 2022, Palazzo Ricci residences range from €77,000 – €287,000 for fractional ownership. 

The project is a Private Residence Club.  A select group of 126 like-minded people will share ownership and use of the Palace residences and common amenities. Each owner at Palazzo Ricci enjoys a minimum of 5.5 weeks of vacations each year, but there’s no cap on use. If some owners use it less than 5.5 weeks, others can use it more.  

 More on the Palazzo Ricci Private Residence Club renovation can be found here.

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