Hybrid power, environmentally friendly cruises launch on the Norwegian coast from 2021

A fleet of stylish new environmentally-friendly cruise ships will operate along the Norwegian coast from Spring 2021.

Ambitious Norwegian cruise company Havila Voyages is building four all-new hybrid-power ships, which will operate along the scenic coastal route from Bergen to Kirkenes.

You’ll be able to sail on the first two, Havila Castor and Havila Capella, from 2021, with sister ships Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux following in 2022.

Havila Capella boasts hybrid power – Credit: Havila Voyages

Designed specifically for Norwegian coastal conditions, the ships will be able to sail through fjords and other environmentally delicate areas for up to four hours totally quietly and emission free, thanks to them being fitted with the world’s largest battery packs! These power cells will be re-charged in the numerous ports along the route, using clean hydropower. 

On board, each ship will showcase modern Nordic design, claiming the most spacious cabins of any on the spectacular coastal route. Two presidential suites offer a spacious 45m of square space, while some larger cabins will sleep up to four guests. Disabled cabins are also available. All 179 cabins will feature free Wi-Fi, USB outlets and TVs. 

The most exciting thing about the design, though, has got to be the unrivalled views on offer. Laidback lounges with panoramic views will give guests the best possible views of Norway’s ever-changing coastline. The observation lounge has been designed with a glass roof and reclining chairs – ideal for uninterrupted views of the northern lights or midnight sun.

Alternatively, you can marvel at the scenery as you stroll the spacious deck and promenade areas, or take a dip in a jacuzzi as you take in the mountains and fjords.

The twelve-day Havila Voyage takes in 34 different ports and sails through narrow fjords and open seas, past sheer cliffs and weather beaten islets. 

Along the way, the ships pass through four UNESCO Heritage sites, cross the Arctic circle twice and offers the ideal setting in which to experience the northern lights in winter, or midnight sun in summer.

Guests can choose to join the round trip, complete just the northern or southern journey or even spend two or three days on-board to get a flavour of coastal Norway.

Organised excursions are also on offer, such as a whale safari, king crab fishing in a frozen fjord, dog-sledding in the Arctic wilderness or snowmobiling across the North Cape Plateau. 

Prices start from £241 per person for a two-day trip from Trondheim to Bergen on cabin only basis, through to £4737 per person for the full 12 day round trip in the lavish Presidential Suite on a full board basis,  based on departures from 15-31 December 2021. 

  • Bookings can now be made through travel agents but will also be bookable at, later in 2020.

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