In-car audio gets luxury upgrade as McIntosh and Sonus faber take road trip with ALPS Alpine

Your in-car audio system is about to get a luxury upgrade.

High-end US audio company McIntosh, and stablemate Italian luxury speaker brand Sonus faber, have announced a technical partnership with Alps Alpine, that will see a new generation of luxury audio systems offered in select vehicles, under both brand’s marques. 

“We’re ready to transform your car into your next great sounding listening room,” proclaims Charlie Randall, McIntosh Group CEO. “Alps Alpine and McIntosh share the same values regarding in-cabin sound reproduction.”

Under the arrangement, Alps Alpine will lead system integration with its OEM automotive partners, incorporating McIntosh and Sonus faber patented technologies.

Engineers from both brands will collaboratively work on tuning the sound systems to recreate the authentic sound quality of each brand…

Sonus faber is best known for its luxury loudspeakers, like the Aida

“Alps Alpine has a long history of delivering excellent sound and value to its customers. Our partnership with McIntosh Group allows Alps Alpine to build on that legacy and elevate our offerings,” said Koji Ishibashi, VP of Display and Sound Business and Engineering. “We’re confident that together, we will set a new standard for performance and execution of factory-branded automotive audio systems.”

To get the right sound, reference rooms in Alps Alpine facilities in Europe and North America were fitted with McIntosh and Sonus faber’s top of the line audio equipment. Engineers from both brands will collaboratively work on tuning the sound systems.

“We expect simply the very best out of every product we bring to market,” said Jeff Poggi, McIntosh Group Co-CEO and CEO of the Sonus faber brand. “It’s the reason we joined forces with Alps Alpine to ensure our exacting standard of excellence will never be compromised. And now, consumers can enjoy our luxury audio experience in their cars, everywhere they go.”

Vehicles equipped with McIntosh Laboratory and Sonus faber sound systems are expected to debut in 2021.

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