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How to build a luxury brick BBQ with your bare hands

Have you been dreaming about having your own luxury, brick-built BBQ setup at home?

Whether you’re hosting a small get-together, or treating yourself to a divine chargrilled dinner every summer night, there’s nothing more indulgent than having your own outdoor, custom cooker for al fresco dining. 

The good news is that with some expert know-how, you can build it from scratch yourself. First things first, you’ll need a lot of bricks…

1. Create the initial level of bricks for your BBQ using the BBQ grill set as a benchmark. Try to use whole bricks as much as possible to minimise cutting. 

2. Combine five-parts sand to one-part cement; ensure to add enough water to get a firm consistency. Examine the level of the area before adding the first layer of mortar, using more mortar for any unlevel sections. 

3. Grab the spirit level and mark the outer edge of the BBQ in mortar. This will provide a straight guide for placing the first set of bricks. When you’ve laid the first layer of bricks, check the corners are right angles and that the area is level. If you want to give the BBQ extra strength and durability, you can add metal ties into the mortar to join the internal wall to the lengthier wall. 

4. Start laying the sets of bricks but be sure to start at the corners. Ensure to alternate the vertical joints consecutively by half a brick’s width. 

5. Use your spirit level to make sure each corner of the BBQ is vertically straight. Ensure the finished BBQ is square by examining from all angles. 

6. When five sets of brick are finished, use a piece of wood and your spirit level to examine that both sides are flush. 

7. Continue laying bricks to seven sets in total. Then, on the left-hand side and inner wall, spin the bricks side-on to make a shelf for the charcoal plate. Create an even edge by utilising a half brick at the external edge. After another three sets of bricks, add one more set side-on to stand the grill tray on. 

8. If you want a professional finish to your BBQ, take your hose pipe and put it along each of the joints. You can then make a tidy edge by laying the last load of brick sets. When this is complete double-check all the areas are level again.

Thanks to the expert tradesmen at MyJobQuote for revealing their tips. When you’ve made your BBQ, come post a picture of it over on the TLR Facebook page!

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