Say no to sugar, this Spanish vodka is made to be mixed with water

Hailed as the world’s first vodka specifically made to be mixed with water rather than soft drinks, Vita wants to be your low-calorie summer sip.

Light, with a subtle citrus-infusion derived from lemon-peel extract, the Mediterranean spirit is sugar-free, with no additives or artificial flavours. It’s been winning over health conscious drinkers, since launching in its native Spain back in 2018. 

Triple distilled in a fourth-generation distillery located on the outskirts of Barcelona, and using ingredients sourced from the Southern European coast, including Italian rye grain wheat, its maker advocates mixing with still or sparkling water.

We tried both, and decided it’s best served ice cold with soda water (give still a swerve). Go for a ratio of 25ml Vodka, 200ml Soda Water. Vita suggests a garnish of mint, or an orange slice.  

With no sugar, additives or artificial flavours, it’s been winning over health conscious drinkers…

Vita vodka soda is a light summer choice

The concept for Vita Vodka was born when its founder, Victor Ruiz Lafita, decided to create a light-bodied beverage that he and his friends would be able to enjoy without recourse to adding sugary mixers.  The project took 18 months of research and 30 different recipes.

“We wanted to redefine the way of drinking alcohol so that people could enjoy the pleasure of a drink without sacrificing a balanced lifestyle,” explains Lafita. “We are looking to bring people to a new concept. That’s why Vita’s natural flavourings burst to life when mixed with just water, so you have a full-of-character long drink, without all the sugar or artificial ingredients of a conventional spirit mixer.”  

Vita Vodka retails for £27, and is available from Amazon and other specialist retailers.

Should you serve vodka direct from the freezer?

So you’re about to chill out with your vodka-based beverage – should you serve it directly from the freezer? Francois Thibault, creator of Grey Goose, made waves a while back declaring the popular practice “one of the biggest alcohol storage related mistakes.”

His declaration sent chills up the spines of vodka lovers everywhere. His thinking being that vodka chilled from the freezer robs the drink of flavour and nuance. 

Advocates will suggest premium vodkas are enjoyed between zero and four degrees Celsius. Which is pretty much what you’ll get when vodka is splashed over ice. The counter argument? It’s super refreshing straight from the freezer!

Our view? If you want to show off the label, keep it in the drinks cabinet. If you don’t care, nestle it amongst the frozen peas…

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