New Monitor Audio Bronze speaker series stress design, add Dolby Atmos

Hi-Fi specialist Monitor Audio has unveiled the latest generation of its long-running, much lauded Bronze series loudspeakers, and we’re already lusting after their upgraded cosmetic finish and fancy componentry. 

Even better, the brand is adding a Dolby Atmos upfiring speaker to the line. This module is designed to sit atop its floorstanders and bookshelf models (as pictured below), directing Dolby Atmos height information upwards to create a sense of 3D audio immersion.

The new bronze models come with Dolby Atmos upfirers

The new Bronze 6G line promise smooth, more expansive stereo. Sweet and wide seems to be the message…

The new Bronze 6G line also promises smooth, more expansive stereo, thanks to a new Uniform Dispersion Waveguide, designed to complement the brand’s C-CAM Gold Dome Tweeter. Sweet and wide seems to be the message.

Buyers can choose from the Bronze 50 and Bronze 100 bookshelf models, Bronze 200 and Bronze 500 floorstanders, C150 home cinema centre channel,  FX surround speakers and the aforementioned Dolby Atmos upfirer. Completing the series is a Bronze W10 subwoofer with 220W power output. 

Keeping things contemporary, all the models feature contrasting baffles and matching magnetic cloth-covered grilles.

Contemporary finishes to match your decor

There’s a choice of finishes to match your decor: grey wood vinyl with satin light grey front baffle, the so-called urban Grey option; walnut wood vinyl and satin dark grey baffle; white vinyl and satin light grey baffle and black vinyl and satin dark grey baffle.

As a premium accent, the new models also sport an acoustically transparent hexagonal dispersion pattern on the tweeter, which allows light to catch the distinctive gold tweeter domes behind the grilles. 

The Bronze 6G 50 bookshelf speakers sell for £260 per pair. The step-up Bronze 100’s are priced at £325. The two floor standing models are £570 and £770 a pair, respectively.

For home cinema builders, the Bronze C150 centre speaker is £175, while the rear FX speakers are £300 a pair. The new Dolby Atmos upfiring are also £300 a pair. Finally, the subwoofer is £525.

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