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Philips relaunches Fidelio audio brand with premium X3 Hi-Fi headphones

Philips is rebooting its Fidelio audio brand, beginning with a premium pair of wired Hi-Fi headphones due for release later this year. The company made the announcement at its VIP product preview event in Amsterdam.

Its new Fidelio X3 flagship audiophile headphones feature large 50mm drivers, and sounded terrific when we had an early ears-on session.  These new open-back cans are designed specifically for in-home entertainment, rather than commuting. With velour memory foam ear-pads covered in Kvadrat fabric and a headband made from Muirhead leather, they’re certainly lush.  

Fidelio X3 flagship audiophile headphones

The X3 feature multi-layered polymer drivers,  gel filled for better damping, and a deep powerful bass.  

The double-layered ear shells also boast a new internal ridge construction to reduce vibrations, while the speaker plates of the X3s are tilted to a 15-degree angle to fit more accurately to the natural shape of the ear, directing music straight into the ear canal.

The Fidelio X3s are hi-res capable, and  can also be used in balanced mode to give the left and right channels separate grounds to reduce crosstalk and improve stereo separation.

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