YOPO’s stylish South American brunch is a dream for champagne lovers

YOPO restaurant at The Mandrake hotel

Raise a glass to the weekend – and to Fitzrovia’s hottest new brunch spot. Right off of Oxford Street, tucked away inside the unique elegance of the five-star The Mandrake hotel lies YOPO: a modern South American oasis in the centre of London’s West End, with a menu which boasts European-influenced dishes inspired by critically acclaimed Executive Chef George Scott-Toft’s travels through Argentina, Chile and Peru. 

YOPO The Mandrake hotel
YOPO is a world away from nearby Oxford Street

Every Sunday, the restaurant, which was recently renovated with designs from artist Marco Tullio Siviglia, serves up brunch: a veritable feast of small plates and, if you so choose, free-flowing champagne to wash them down with. 

Naturally, we did so choose.

So, how does YOPO’s decadent champagne brunch fare? Here’s everything you need to sip and savour at the hot new dining destination… 

It’s a jungle out there  

Enrique Gomez de Molina’s “Showgirl” at The Mandrake, London

Having undergone a huge renovation at the end of 2022, YOPO’s design is unique, undoubtedly high-end… and nothing short of totally trippy. It’s a fresh perspective on luxury hotel design across the city and makes for an altogether unforgettable dining destination. Think cave-like installations, mythical creatures and electric, comfy furnishings amassed from around the world – and just waiting for you to sink into a long, decadent brunch on. In full feather at the centre of the restaurant stands the unmissable ‘Showgirl’, an enormous ostrich artwork by Enrique Gomez de Molina. 

Mythical creatures watch over the bar at The Mandrake
No, you haven’t had one too many tequila cocktails. Mythical creatures watch over the bar at The Mandrake

Alternatively, escape to The Mandrake’s equally trippy bar for more dimly lit laidback luxe, or for your own private secluded (rather S&M-tinged) hideaway – chain privacy curtain and all. It all makes for a multi-sensory escape, a world away from bustling Oxford Street which lies, almost incomprehensibly, just steps away… and one you won’t want to leave. 

When the chips are down… in perfect formation 

Sharing brunch starters for the table at YOPO
Sharing brunch starters for the table at YOPO

An extension of the interiors, the dishes on offer for Sunday brunch here are a varied mix of South American-inspired snacks and more traditional brunch mains. You’ll start with our eternal favourite way of enjoying a menu: by sampling everything. 

That means that on entrance, you’ll be served a feast of small plates to share for the table. Our menu, which changes seasonally, consisted of spelt and wholemeal sourdough with lashings of salty butter and olive oil and salty, smoky padron peppers with chilli. These were followed by more small bites: guacamole and tomato chipotle with the most analytically presented corn chips we’ve ever had the pleasure to dip, and a generously heaped crab and fennel tostada with lime each. If we were to come up with an ultimate bar snack selection, this may just be it. 

Sweet potato tacos at YOPO’s Sunday brunch

While a choice of more typical brunch mains are on offer, such as a chorizo and poached egg muffin with chimichurri hollandaise and a brioche French toast with bacon and banana maple butter, we opted for the vegetarian option of sweet potato tacos, served with guacatillo, green beans and grilled spring onions. In hindsight, this may have been a misstep: the egg muffin, we observed later with hungry eyes, looks a smarter choice. 

Still, what our tacos lacked was balanced by a wealth of tasty flowing sides, with a spritzy green salad with coriander and coconut offering a welcome freshness and house fries served with chipotle aioli thankfully never-ending: frankly, the dream. 

Rich desserts provide a fitting end to YOPO's free-flowing brunch
Rich desserts provide a fitting end to YOPO’s free-flowing brunch

Dessert also proved a delight on which to end the meal, with the Guatemalan chocolate mousse with coconut, buckwheat and almond providing a fittingly,  rich, decadent finish to the free-flowing feast. 

Free-flowing feasting 

YOPO’s sweet and spicy Mangosteen cocktail

Where this brunch really stands out – mythical creature onlookers aside – is in its drinks offering. Free-flowing Veuve Clicquot champagne is topped up generously by the bottle, complimenting the small plates perfectly and making this dining destination feel like something really special – and most certainly a location to book for birthdays and celebrations for those in-the-know. 

Delice in Chains: the Carnivorous Lady cocktail at YOPO

In addition to the fizz, a curated cocktail menu pairs incredibly well with the latin menu, with the sweet and spicy Mangosteen, a tequila-based, hibiscus-infused combination featuring chipotle agave, jalapeño vinegar, lime and grapefruit, a real highlight. You can taste the quality of the made-to-order mixologist’s cocktails at YOPO’s brunch (something not all brunches in the city can attest to). 

The verdict 

YOPO’s combination of unique design and elevated drinks make it a brunch destination, perfectly located for your further West End shenanigans. Luxe dining and champagne fans should especially keep the free-flowing champagne brunch in mind for future celebrations, for an experience as showstopping as its surroundings. 

Book YOPO at The Mandrake

Welcome to the jungle: YOPO at The Mandrake
Welcome to the jungle: YOPO at The Mandrake

YOPO is found inside The Mandrake, 20-21 Newman Street, London, W1T 1PG. Sunday brunch with free-flowing Veuve Clicquot champagne £150pp, with free-flowing cocktails £100pp and food only for £65pp. Book here

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