The Glenrothes The 42 single malt whisky limited release is part science, all magic

The Glenrothes The 42 artistically splashed in coloured sand

The Glenrothes has launched The 42, a limited release single malt whisky said to epitomise the character of the Highland distillery. Just 1,134 bottles of The 42 will be available worldwide.

The first of its age to be released by the Speyside distillery, the liquid comes from four hand-selected casks of single malt, judged to have reached a pinnacle of flavour after four decades of maturation on The Glenrothes Estate. 

Master Whisky Maker Laura Rampling describes The 42 as “part science, part alchemy and a little bit of magic.” Tasting notes talk of sun-ripened apricots and orange peel, sugared almonds with hints of coriander. On the palate it’s rich and sweet, with creamy vanilla, honeycomb and orange oil (the spirit has been matured in sherry seasoned oak casks, from the Jerez region in southern Spain). The finish is aromatic and lingering. ABV is 43%.

Tasting notes talk of sun-ripened apricots and orange peel, sugared almonds with hints of coriander…

“This 42 year old whisky epitomises the character of The Glenrothes distillery,” says Rampling. “These four casks have taken our spirit on a journey of maturation over more than four decades, refining the original delicate and fruity character of our new make spirit without overpowering it.”

The 42’s naturally cask-driven colour is said to reflect the changing hues of the Rothes landscape, so the colourful packaging similarly honours the terrain that surrounds the distillery.

The 42 is available from March 15, in Harrods and The Whisky Shop, priced £6,750.

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