Prefer to travel solo? You’re not alone, says new survey 

Norwegian Viva artist rendering

One in three Brits now prefer to travel alone, according to new research by Norwegian Cruise Line. 

37% of people revealed they preferred to travel on their own rather than with someone else, while it also found that two thirds of people have indulged in a solo trip before. 

So, why do we love going it alone so much? 

The top reasons found were simply to have a break (33%), followed by to treat yourself (30%). Not having to put up with annoying habits such as snoring from fellow travellers (18%) and no risk of drama or fallings out (17%) were also revealed as some of the top perks of travelling solo. Check out the full top ten, below. 

Top 10 benefits of solo holidays according to travellers:

1.       Make my own decisions          

2.       Doing what I want to do when I want to do it     

3.       Eating where/what I want         

4.       Planning my day with no one else to consider   

5.       Feeling free     

6.       Having the whole day to do what I want with     

7.       Taking my time exploring         

8.       Do everything I want to do       

9.       Spend as much or as little money on what I want          

10.   Not having to go somewhere just because someone else wants to

Sounds like heaven, right? 

For those with their sights set on a solo trip in the future, relaxation, city breaks and cruising were the most popular choices. Of the 2000 Brits surveyed, a third (34%) of Brits who are yet to travel alone, a cruise (19%), a relaxing getaway (28%) and a city break (27%) score high on wish lists.

A studio stateroom, designed especially for solo travellers, onboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ‘Prima’ class ship.

Want to embark on an epic cruise, solo? NCL was actually the first cruise line to launch its award-winning Studio concept back in 2010, which is designed and priced exclusively for solo cruisers. At the same time, the studios come with access to a stylish space to connect and make friends with other solo travellers, too. 

Now, the NCL Studio complex can be found on nine ships in the fleet, sailing to destinations including Europe, the Caribbean and Alaska.

The Studio Lounge, where NCL’s solo travellers can connect and socialise.

Gary Anslow, Head of UK and Ireland Business at NCL, said, “We can see from the survey that enjoying the beauty of travel on your own enables a truly authentic experience and provides for self-discovery and growth. Plus, meeting fellow solo travellers can even lead to long lasting friendships.”

To sail solo in style this year, look no further than the Norwegian Viva, which will launch during summer 2023. The second ship in NCL’s “Prima” class, it’ll provide solo guests with 73 Studio cabins, all with exclusive access to the Studio Lounge, a shared private area where they can socialise with other solo holidaymakers and make those long-lasting friendships. On top of the solo lounge, guests cruising on their own will also have the flexibility to enjoy onboard activities ranging from the world’s first and only three-storey racetrack to Broadway-style entertainment and 17 different dining options  – either by themselves, or with friends they’ve met on their trip.

Norwegian Viva will sail through the Mediterranean later this year, sailing from major Southern European port cities including Lisbon, Portugal; Venice (Trieste) and Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy; as well as Athens (Piraeus), Greece. She will then voyage to the Southern Caribbean for her 2023-2024 Winter Season, offering sun-kissed solo getaways from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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