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Want to try a Chocolate Orange Negroni? Find it at this secret London speakeasy

Richard's Chocolate Orange Negroni at the Lost Property Office bar

Three words that are music to our ears: Chocolate. Orange. Negroni. 

They’re what led The Luxe Review team on a mission across central London this month to try this most Christmassy of cocktails. But this is no ordinary drink – it must be discovered. Thankfully, we can confirm that the hunt is worth it. 

That’s because they can only be found on the new Christmas menu at The Lost Property Office, the recently-opened speakeasy found inside Brewdog, Waterloo

Lost Property Office cocktails
The limited edition cocktail menu at Lost Property Office features a Mince Pie Old Fashioned, Manhattan Roast and more

The wider venue itself, inside Waterloo station, is Brewdog’s biggest UK bar – self described “27,500ft of craft beer nirvana.” Split over two floors and home to everything from 60 craft beer taps over two bars and a restaurant, to a podcast recording studio, ice cream van, duckpin bowling and a literal slide, it’s the stuff of beer drinkers’ dreams. So, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that the adult playground also boasts a secret speakeasy – and this is the only place you’ll find the bar’s festive cocktail menu. You’ll have to be quick though, as this experimental menu will only be available for a limited time.

Rich Woods - The Cocktail Guy
Rich Woods – aka The Cocktail Guy – has launched his latest venture, the Lost Property Office, as a secret speakeasy inside Brewdog Waterloo

Where to find the Lost Property Office speakeasy at Brewdog Waterloo

Head upstairs at Brewdog Waterloo and use the bar’s telephone box next to the ice cream van in order to secure access to the hideaway through a secret door. Then, you’ll be welcomed into an intimate 1920s inspired cocktail den, boasting secluded booths and atmospheric lounge seating – complete with Christmas decor right now. It’s headed up by award-winning mixologist Rich Woods, aka The Cocktail Guy, famed for being the creative mind behind the cocktail menus of SUSHISAMBA and Duck and Waffle, amongst others, who has personally crafted the Christmas cocktail menu on offer here. 

Chocolate Orange Negroni cocktail
Richard’s Chocolate Orange Negroni at the Lost Property Office, hidden inside Brewdog Waterloo

Richard’s Chocolate Orange Negroni

Of course, our first port of call here was to order Richard’s Chocolate Orange Negroni. More than just a nod to the Terry’s Chocolate Orange, this memorable cocktail combines Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, cacao husk, Neroli and orange zest, served over a single block of ice and delivered in an Instagram-worthy custom box which looks stunningly like the stocking filler classic.

Chocolate orange negroni at Brewdog Waterloo
The Chocolate Orange Negroni – unboxed – at Brewdog Waterloo

But it boasts more than good looks. The drink itself tastes subtly yet stunningly like Terry’s iconic treat, thanks to painstaking experimentation by mixologist Woods. He tells us that the drink features real distilled Chocolate Oranges; his own creation just for this cocktail. “I would definitely say it’s the Instagram drink on the menu,” Woods explains, “It’s a Terry’s Chocolate Orange that has been distilled into gin. Then, it’s blended with sweet vermouth and Campari.” 

The Mince Pie Old Fashioned, and behind it, the Manhattan Roast, at the Lost Property Office

The ultimate Christmas treat for whiskey lovers

Another festive highlight on the menu is the Mince Pie Old Fashioned. “It’s the mince meat from the mince pie, infused into bourbon and some whiskey,” Woods tells us, “served a la Old Fashioned-vibes, over a block of ice.” Salted caramel notes pull together this Christmas treat for whiskey fans.

A Christmas dinner in a cocktail

If your Christmas tastes lie on the savoury end of the spectrum, you’ll pleased to know there’s also a curious Manhattan Roast on the menu. This is, essentially all the flavours of a roast dinner – in a drink. Think: whiskey with flavours of caramelised red onion, sage, parsnip, roasted chestnut and salted caramel, served straight up. 

This is one roast that everyone can have too, as it’s vegan – as are all the recipes on the menu, with milk alternatives specially selected over dairy, even for creamier recipes. “We are completely inclusive here, So we use almond milk, not dairy in any of our drinks,” Woods shares. 

Try the Christmas cocktail menu for a limited time at Lost Property Office inside Brewdog Waterloo, open from 5pm daily. More information here

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