These trainers with no name might just be the most exclusive in the world. Here’s the secret to getting them

Google x Ellesse limited edition trainers

It’s no secret that limited-edition streetwear drops can elicit queues around the block, sky-high prices online and supreme envy amongst sneakerheads.

But, how do you acquire trainers which literally have no name? 

Rapper and trainer lover IAMDDB is one of the few who has got her hands on the exclusive drop. Photo credit: Liam James @facevalue___

That’s the question posed by the new limited edition nameless trainers by Google and ellesse, which drop today. The exclusive one-off collaboration has been customised by celebrity Customiser MattB customs with a unique, never-before-seen design on ellesse’s classic all-white trainer – but these aren’t your usual collectible creps. Instead, there’s a special trick to acquiring them. 

The secret lies in Google’s “Find That Thing” feature, a special way to find things which can’t easily be described. 

Google x ellesse custom shoes
The Google x ellesse trainers have been customised by MattB Customs.

To be in with a chance of getting your hands on a pair, you’ll have to find one of the elusive posters which have landed today all over London and Manchester. When you spot one, you’ll need to use Find That Thing on them – after all, the trainers have no name you can search the traditional way. 

When you see a poster, tap the camera icon in the Google app to use Google’s visual search tool and search with a photo of the trainers. Then, you’ll be able to search for them using that image – and as a result be entered in for a chance to win a pair of the exclusive Google x Elesse trainers, customised by MattB Customs.

Once you’ve searched in the Google app and uploaded the image, you’ll be able to fill out your details at and be in with your chance of procuring a pair. 

MattB Customs is best known for creating custom Jordan 4s for Ed Sheeran, and for collaborating with designers like Stella McCartney. Explaining the unique design, he says,  “My inspiration for the design came from the idea of connection through the internet. We wanted to explore this idea and as a team we collaborated on one canvas piece of art, mixing different mediums and art forms of printing, painting and digital.” 

“These one-of-a-kind custom trainers will never be recreated and it’s even cooler that they have to be seen to be searched,” he adds. 

  • For more information and for the chance to win Google’s limited edition customised trainer. Visit #FindThatThing

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