King rockers: Grado debuts Statement X wooden headphones with next generation drivers

Grado GS3000X headphones hanging on a door handle, probably not the best way to store such high-end Hi-Fi

New York-based audio specialist Grado is introducing new Statement X Series headphones, which combine premium wooden finishes with updated driver technology.

The GS3000x and GS1000x are unapologetically exotic. Not only does the flagship GS3000x boast fourth-generation 52mm ‘X’ drivers (which feature a more powerful magnetic circuit, a voice coil with decreased effective mass, and a reconfigured diaphragm), it houses them inside a metal chamber surrounded by a single body of rare Central American cocobolo wood.

The look is distinctly premium. Cocobolo has striking patterns and colour that tends to vary from pair to pair.

The equally gorgeous GS1000x counters with premium mahogany and ipê wood. Mahogany is noted for its warmth and texture, while ipê apparently improves the structural integrity of the sound passing through the grains of the housing. The GS1000x features a 50mm-sized next-gen X driver.

The look is distinctly premium. Cocobolo has striking patterns and colour that tends to vary from pair to pair…

Hand assembled in Brooklyn, the GS3000x and GS1000x also utilise Grado’s improved 12-conductor braided cable and sport stylish new headbands. 

“I remember trying on the first GS1000 decades ago when my dad (John Grado) brought the first pair upstairs from the workbench”, says Jonathan Grado. “I was seven or eight and they swallowed my head. The fact that they are in their fourth generation today is a testament to the design of the original GS1000. And I’m sure my mom has that photo somewhere.”

The GS3000x is hailed as the best sounding headphone Grado has released in its seven-decade history. In thirty years Grado Labs has only released four generations of drivers. Each one is specifically tuned for the wooden enclosure they’re in. 

The Grado Statement X Series will be available from September, the Grado Statement GS3000x selling for £2,195 ($1,995), or £2,395 ($2,165) with Balanced XLR connectors, and the Grado Statement GS1000x priced at £1,295 ($1,195), or  £1,495 ($1,365) with Balanced XLR connectors.

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