Samsung Neo QLED 2022 4k and 8k TVs announced: here’s what you need to know

Samsung has announced its Neo QLED TV line-up for 2022, with screens ranging in size from 43- to 85-inches. The line-up comprises both 4k and 8k models, and covers six series. Top of the tree is the flagship QN900B. 

The brand says the range boasts significant upgrades, with state-of-the-art features that represent major advances in quality and performance. We can’t wait to see them! The line-up will join Samsung’s already announced lifestyle TV range for 2022.

Samsung’s 8k Neo QLED range comprises the QN700B, available in 55-, 65- and 75-inch screen sizes, and  the QN800B and QN900B, both available  as 65-, 75-, 85-inch models.

The 4k Neo QLED range comprises the QN85B,  available in 55-, 65-, 75- and 85-inches; the QN90B, available in 43-, 50-, 55-, 65-, 75- and 85-inches; and the QN95B, available in 55-, 65-, 75-, 85-inches. 

Samsung says its Neo QLED 2022 range boasts significant upgrades and state-of-the-art features that represent major advances in quality and performance…

Samsung 8k Neo QlED screen 2022
Samsung Neo QLED 8k screens to feature upgraded HDR handling

All Samsung Neo QLED screens use a Mini LED backlight source, for superior HDR handling and contrast, which this year will be enhanced with the addition of 14-bit HDR Mapping, said to add even more details to dark and bright scenes, and Quantum Matrix Technology with Shape Adaptive Light control; the latter allows the set’s processor to analyse the shape and surfaces of objects, and adjust backlit intensity for greater picture accuracy. Viewers should see less backlight blooming, the halo around bright objects on a dark background, as a result.

Also making its debut this year is a Real Depth Enhancer; this AI picture quality algorithm is powered by a 20-strong Neural network, and is able to separate an object from its background, to emphasise the sense of visual depth.

Of course, the screens aren’t just about advanced picture technology. The Neo QLED models will feature multi directional Object Tracking Sound (OTS) speakers with Dolby Atmos.

Other niceties include an upgraded Tizen smart TV interface, coupled with Samsung TV Plus, the brand’s own channel selection. 

The screens also support High Frame Rate gaming, with refresh rates up to 4k@144Hz, using Motion Xcelerator technology to enhance motion clarity.

Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED screens will be available for pre-order from March 16, and will be available from April 6.

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