Move over Clooney: Brad Pitt claims celeb coffee crown as new De’Longhi brand ambassador

Bard Pitt sups a coffee as he relishes his role as coffee ambassador

Brad Pitt is the new global ambassador for Italian coffee machine brand, De’Longhi. The two-time Academy Award winner is headlining a new global advertising campaign for the brand; he follows in the footsteps of fellow screen icon George Clooney, widely recognised as the face of Nespresso.

For the De’Longhi campaign, Pitt has teamed up with award winning  director, cinematographer and composer trio, Damien Chazelle, Linus Sandgren and Justin Hurwitz of La  La Land fame, offering audiences an up, close and personal look into a ‘Perfetto day in the life of’ Brad  Pitt. 

The ad shows the A-lister purchasing coffee beans in the morning, before setting off along the LA coast on his motorcycle. He relaxes after his ride with a cup of Joe from his De’Longhi Dinamica Plus, the brand’s latest bean to cup coffee machine. 

For the De’Longhi campaign, Pitt has teamed up with award winning director Damien Chazelle…

Brad Pitt poses in front of a De Longhi Dinamica coffee machine...
Brad and his trusty Dinamica Plus

Of the partnership, Pitt said: “It’s about quality, it’s about design aesthetics, harmony, quality and approach. I really appreciated De’Longhi’s approach, when you have confidence in your product you don’t have to overdo it.  Their attention to detail makes me appreciate the brand even more.

“That sort of thoughtfulness is a distinctive value of Italian design – how you design something for the people who are going to experience it. Certain details that might not be immediately obvious, but in the end have a profound effect on you and  your life.” 

Alex Pickering, Marketing Director for De’Longhi, explains: “We wanted to lift awareness of Bean to  cup coffee machines. Choosing Brad Pitt for this international campaign means more than working with a globally recognized icon. Pitt is an acclaimed actor and producer, an engaged advocate on  environmental issues, a collector of art, passionate about architecture and design.

“Above all, Brad Pitt maintains his sophistication, despite global fame. A spirit of understatement that mirrors the De’Longhi  brand itself – we are all united by a genuine love and passion for coffee culture and all things Italian. We  believe our partnership will help to democratise great coffee.” 

De’Longhi is based out of Treviso, Italy. The De’Longhi Dinamica Plus is available here.  

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