London becomes Gotham City as immersive DC Comics dining experience opens in Soho

The Penguin looms over the Iceberg Lounge at Park Row in London

Park Row, a high-end immersive DC Comics dining experience, opens in London’s Soho August 10. Created in partnership with Warner Bros Themed Entertainment, and hailed as the first of its kind, the venue on Brewer Street boasts five restaurant and bar spaces, offering bites and beverages inspired by some of Gotham City’s most famous Bat-characters. 

Park Row is better known to comics aficionados as Crime Alley, where Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered by Joe Chill (movie revisions don’t count), setting him on the path to becoming The Batman.

And just like the comics, this Park Row is home to the Monarch Theatre, which here offers an ‘immersive multi-sensorial gastronomic experience secreted within the depths of a stunning Grade II listed restaurant. Gotham City, nor London for that matter, has ever seen anything quite like it.’  

The 20-seat Monarch offers an eleven-course tasting menu with drinks (£195 per head), that pay subtle homage to some of Gotham’s most notorious residents. 

Floor-to-ceiling screens and 360-degree projection mapping, take diners on their Dark Knight journey.     

Highlights include a ‘poisonous’ mushroom made from a rich and earthy parfait; an extravagant scallop, oyster, caviar and white chocolate dish topped with gold leaf; a USDA Black Angus tenderloin with truffle; and edible jewellery (will Martha’s infamous pearls make an appearance?). 

Expectations are high. The Executive Chef of the Monarch is Karl O’Dell, formerly of Michelin-starred Texture leads. 

Providing the theatrical magic and immersive special effects is Broadway illusionist Chris Cox.

The Monarch Theatre offers an eleven-course tasting menu that pays subtle homage to some of Gotham’s most notorious residents…

Stolen works of art hang on the walls in Selina Kyle’s Rogue’s Gallery in park Row
Stolen works of art? Blame Selina Kyle!

The Monarch is one of several experiential eateries within Park Row. With inspiration drawn from Batman’s rogue’s gallery (which includes The Penguin, Harley Quinn, The Joker and Catwoman), each has its own signature style, with options for cocktails, afternoon tea,  dining and live music. 

After descending into the Batcave through a specially designed emotion-triggering ‘mist’, guests emerge in the relaxed and elegant Pennyworth’s, named after Bruce Wayne’s butler.

A meon lit room in Park Row London
Low lighting… so no one can see your Two Face…

Alongside Pennyworth’s, is the Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge (pictured top), a large, stylish restaurant and bar with live entertainment throughout the week. In Selina Kyle’s Rogue’s Gallery, you can dine amid reproductions of some of the world’s most famous stolen art pieces, while cocktails can be had in Old Gotham City. A modern European menu is available throughout. 

The Executive Chef of Park Row is Kim Woodward, formerly of 100 Wardour and Savoy Grill.

The Head of Pastry is Leyre Pedrazuela Otera, formerly of South Lodge Hotel and a Bake Off: The Professionals contestant.

Reservations for Park Row are now open. The Monarch Theatre will take bookings Tuesday to Saturday, with three sittings per day: lunch, and then 5.30pm and 9pm for dinner. Park Row will be open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.  

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