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Delicious LG Eclair Dolby Atmos soundbar puts on the style

Lg Ecl;air soundbar and subwoofer in a minimalist living room

The LG Eclair is a soundbar for those that don’t do soundbars. With its elegant, compact oval design, it doesn’t sit beneath your TV like a railway sleeper, instead taking no more room than a well-finished Bluetooth Hi-Fi speaker.

The Eclair soundbar measures 296 x 59.9 x 126mm, which is one-third the width of LG’s previously smallest 3.1.2 channel Dolby Atmos soundbar, the SP8YA.  This means you can park one in places a traditional soundbar simply wouldn’t go.

The subwoofer is a low-vibration design and similarly stylish, and should blend with the interior design of modern living spaces.

The Eclair, a 2021 CES Innovation Award Honoree, is launching in the US first (as model QP5), but will shortly be available in the UK and Europe.

Compatible with both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X cinema sound formats,  the two piece is rated as a 3.1.2 configuration, and has 320W of onboard amplification.

The system is produced in collaboration with high-end UK Hi-Fi specialist Meridian Audio. 

With its elegant, compact oval design, the Eclair doesn’t sit beneath your TV like a railway sleeper…

The black version of the LG Éclair soundbar in a black-clad living room
The all-black LG Eclair in co-ordinated living space

Meridian’s new Horizon up-mixing tech is used to transform stereo content into multichannel audio, for a wider soundstage, without changing the tonal balance of the original recording.

HDMI connectivity supports eARC and 4k pass-through with HDR, including Dolby Vision sources. Adaptive LG AI Sound Pro is used to analyse what’s being played, then automatically adjusting for the most appropriate sound settings, be it cinema, news or music.

The subwoofer employs a novel dual ported design which reduces vibration without affecting bass performance. The output from the rear port, matches the output from the front port, and they effectively cancel each other out.  

If you partner the Eclair with a compatible 2021 LG TV, you can also take advantage of  TV Sound Mode Share, which combines the processing power of LG’s latest Alpha AI processors, and AI Sound Pro, for more nuance and detail.

Given the small cabinet size of the Eclair, the drivers inside are inevitably packed really tight. To ensure it can still create a wide sound, it uses proprietary Soundfield Expander technology.   

The LG Eclair is available in black and white finishes. LG hasn’t released a UK price for the Eclair just yet, but the US model will sell for around $599.

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