McLaren unveils Artura, a next-gen high performance hybrid supercar

Luxury supercar maker McLaren Automotive has unveiled the Artura, its first high-performance hybrid series production supercar. The launch coincides with the anniversary of a decade of supercar production for the company. This is McLaren’s third hybrid. It follows on from the P1, launched in 2014, and the Speedtail in 2018

The next-gen roadster was revealed in a showcase broadcast from the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, featuring McLaren’s Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo

The Artura is the first supercar to use the McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) at its core. It’s powered by an all-new hybrid powertrain that features a brand new V6 engine. McLaren says the vehicle can run in pure EV mode for emissions-free journeys of up to 30km.

The  Artura is the first supercar to use the McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) at its core…

We’re loving the aerodynamic shrink-wrapped sculpt

The low-nose and high-tail stance of the Artura is underlined by McLaren’s signature dihedral doors, which open closer to the body and house mirrors that fold in more tightly.  

The overall effect gives a ‘shrink-wrapped’ appearance, the exterior sculpt optimised for aerodynamic performance and cooling.

The Artura features a centred cockpit. The steering wheel is kept clear of unnecessary switches so the driver is able to adjust driving modes without taking hands away from the wheel.

There’s also an all-new McLaren infotainment and connectivity system on-board which utilises two HD  screens. A Bluetooth low-energy vehicle key detects when the driver is heading towards the vehicle and powers up to welcome occupants. This includes ambient, ‘hidden-until-lit’ lighting in the doors, which act like beacons to occupants about to drive at night.

The Artura driver can choose from four powertrain modes

The driver can choose from four Powertrain modes, including an E-mode for up to 30km of emissions-free, electric-only driving. Comfort mode maximises range and efficiency, with the combustion engine shut off under 40km/h using an extended stop and start mode that is phased in for greater speed and power requirements.

In Sport and Track modes, electric power is deployed in an increasingly aggressive manner for low-end response and acceleration. The handling mode choices adjust damper firmness and the degree of Electronic Stability Control intervention to suit driver preference and weather and road conditions.

The Artura is designed with full plug-in hybrid (PHEV) capability and can be charged to an 80 per cent charge level in just 2.5 hours. The batteries can also harvest recharging power from the combustion engine during driving and tailored to the driving mode selected.

If you like what you see, advance orders for the all-new McLaren Artura are now being taken at McLaren retailers with first deliveries to customers expected in Q3 of this year. Prices start at £185,500.

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