Lamborghini London welcomes two rare Siáns, celebrates with stunning photoshoot…

Lamborghini London is celebrating the arrival of two rare Lamborghini Siáns. Only three Siáns of 63 produced in total will be delivered to UK customers, and Lamborghini London, operated by the H.R. Owen Group, is responsible for the sale of all of them.

Hailed as the most powerful, fastest accelerating Lamborghini ever produced, the Sián uses a hybrid supercapacitor powertrain, combining a 6.5-litre V12 engine with a 48-volt e-motor for a total of 819hp. 

In short, the Sián accelerates from 0-62mph in a blistering 2.8 seconds and has a top speed of over 217 mph. It’s one of the world’s most desirable supercars. All 63 Lamborghini Siáns have been sold.

Unlike traditional lithium-ion battery storage, known to be heavy and slow to charge, the Sián uses a lightweight supercapacitor that is fully charged every time the vehicle brakes. With the entire e-motor and supercapacitor system weighing in at just 34kg, it’s three times more powerful than a battery of the same weight and three times lighter than a battery storing the same power.   

Everything about the Lamborghini Sián is leading edge, from its carbon-fiber monocoque, titanium intake valves, rear-wheel steering and active aerodynamics. 

The Sián accelerates from 0-62mph in a blistering 2.8 seconds and has a top speed of over 217 mph. It’s one of the world’s most desirable supercars…

Each of the 63 Siáns will be individually styled by their owners, in conjunction with Lamborghini’s design centre and Ad Personam personalisation department. The first two Lamborghini London customers have opted for contrasting personalities. The lighter of the two is finished in a Grigio Nimbus with exposed carbon weave roof and Rosso Mars accents, complemented by a Nero Ade interior with Rosso Alala contrasts.

The darker Sián has been personalised with Nero Helene bodywork set off by exposed carbon fibre on the bonnet, front lamp inserts fenders and engine cover. Additional highlights are finished in Oro Electrum, which is also used within the alloy wheels, themselves set within bespoke Pirelli tyres, with white detailing. The interior mirrors the striking bodywork, with Nero Ade base leather and Oro Electrum stitching and highlights.

Frankly, we’d settle for either…

Images provided by @masterkrishan and @niamchandaria

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