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Samsung creates bespoke paint collection to match lifestyle TV range, gives it away

Samsung has launched a range of interior paints, specifically designed to accompany its latest Lifestyle TV range, and is making them available free of charge.

The LivingColour collection was developed, it says, to create living spaces that work in harmony with a TV, elevating the overall aesthetic of the living room, and create a positive emotional response by using colour psychology.  

With home improvements back in favour, and home owners eager to refresh their look, one of the most searched questions related to this is “what colour should I paint the wall behind my TV?” 

Samsung says the colours have been designed to create the perfect backdrop for The Frame, The Serif (pictured top), and The Sero TVs.

The brand’s exclusive LivingColour paints can be obtained free of charge from Monday October 26, from the Samsung KX Space in Kings Cross, London. Generous 2.5L tins will be available at Samsung KX, with 1L through Samsung’s Instagram.

The brand’s exclusive LivingColour paints can be obtained free-of-charge from the Samsung KX Space in Kings Cross, London…

Can you spot The Frame TV in this picture?

To select the colours for the ‘LivingColour’ collection, Samsung partnered with colour expert Karen Haller, who has curated two paint shades for each of the Samsung Lifestyle TV range. Haller selected a colour that perfectly matches the frames of each TV, and a separate complimentary colour.

“Colour is an amazing phenomenon that can change how we feel, think, and behave in an instant,” says Haller. “It’s a universal language that we all speak. The colour pairings for Samsung’s range of Lifestyle TVs were selected to match the personality and style of each TV, whilst also creating an environment that would be uplifting and ultimately complement your personality and lifestyle.”

Here’s the inaugural Samsung LivingColour range explained:
The Frame
Frame Beige (a direct match to the TV bezel)
A light and airy tone, providing reassurance, reliability and a sense of being grounded.  

Restful Pine 
A peaceful and restorative green to promote feelings of safety and harmony. 

The Serif
Serif Cotton Blue (a direct match to the TV colour)
A Soft blue grey with an understated quality that’s restful for the psyche.

Champagne bliss 
Soft pink hues provide a gentle energy to soothe and relax the mind.

The Sero 
Sero Navy Blue (a direct match to the TV colour)
A dark blue tone to aid focus and concentration.

Bright Spark 
A cool yellow with a lively, can do attitude. Full of optimism and energy.

The Sero TV can orientate vertically to display mobile phone content

To demonstrate how the Lifestyle TVs and the ‘LivingColour’ paints can create a beautiful, stylish and positive living space, Samsung has worked with three influential people from the world of art and design to bring them to life.

Interior designer, podcast host and author Kate Watson-Smyth worked with The Frame – a TV that blends into the home by transforming into a piece of artwork when off. The Frame can match any unique style by choosing feature artwork or personal photography to fill the screen. Kate’s design appeals to those who have a love for art and collectables.   

London-based artist Yinka Ilori styled The Sero. Yinka is an artist who specialises in merging his British and Nigerian heritage into his everyday work. He started his career upcycling furniture and he now runs an entire team of colour obsessed architects and designers. Yinka’s look is lively and vibrant, to reflect his creative attitude and the bold design of The Sero TV, which has a rotating screen for optimum mobile viewing and screen mirroring. 

Musician and stylist  Whinnie Williams showcased The Serif. Margate based Williams is the founder of interiors brand ‘Poodle and Blonde’ and has a passion for all things vintage. Whinnie’s eye for style is the perfect match for The Serif, which has been designed as a piece of beautifully crafted furniture. It stands upon an elegant easel and was designed by the Parisian Bouroullec brothers.

The Samsung Sero TV can be viewed vertically or landscape

In the autumn of 2019, The Luxe Review travelled to Samsung’s Digital City in Suwon Korea to learn more about the brand’s lifestyle TV update plans, and to get an early look at the latest member of the line, the Sero.

Behind the scenes, we were treated to a deep dive into the technology behind the Sero.

So what is the Samsung Sero TV?

This remarkable screen is ostensibly designed for millennials who are used to watching vertical content on their smartphones. To accommodate them, the Sero has a rotating 43-inch QLED screen, which at the touch of a button switches from landscape to portrait format, allowing easy casting from mobile to panel. 

A vertical screen may sound avant-garde, but the first surprise is just how effortless this transition happens. The screen just re-orientates itself, with barely a murmur.

The second surprise is the quality of the 4.1 sound system built into the Sero’s base. We thought it was good enough for Bluetooth music listening.

It seems Samsung doesn’t just want to revamp our viewing rooms, it wants to change the way we watch TV too.

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