All hail Sutton Bespoke’s new Luxury VIP taxi! Well, you can try…

Bored with sticking your arm out in the rain to hail a black cab only to watch them all sail by? Cheer up, you can now get your own back… by purchasing your own.

Sutton Bespoke, the tuning arm of a well-known London-based retailer of high-end cars, is producing a limited production run of ultra-luxury vehicles for both business and private buyers, based on the new-generation low-emissions ‘black cab’.

The Sutton VIP Class LEVC taxi (based on the familiar-looking electric range-extender LEVC TX) is a seriously tricked-out version of the regular thing, featuring a completely redesigned interior, with rear seats reworked for maximum comfort and trimmed in Sandalwood leather with Alcantara trim.

This limited production run of ultra-luxury vehicles for both business and private buyers, is based on the new-generation low-emissions ‘black cab’.

This limited production run of ultra-luxury vehicles is based on the new-generation low-emissions ‘black cab’…

The vehicle boasts wood veneers and deep pile carpet

Getting into the vehicle owners will coo over the hand-crafted wood veneers that adorn the door trims while sinking their feet into luxurious deep-pile carpet (instead of plain rubber).  Once ensconced they’ll marvel at how the panoramic roof positively floods the cabin with natural light: there’s even an adjustable ambient lighting system to allow colours to be changed to match the vibe for those memorable post-dusk journeys.

There’s plenty of other tech to go with the luxury, too. Occupants will have access to haptic climate controls, a quality stereo system with Bluetooth connectivity, a TV tuner with Apple TV, plus a Sony PS4 games console (anybody for a quick Crazy Taxi sesh?). The rear seat also gets a new luxury armrest, complete with beer/latte holders, plus, wait for it, a refrigerator!

There’s still the classic retractable screen separating driver from passengers

If you’re being chauffeured (likely) you’ll be pleased to learn that there’ll still be a retractable screen fitted to separate the driver and passengers, affording both Covid-secure privacy and the need to have one of those chats. Not that the driver will mind much… they’ll be too busy revelling in the new, electrically adjustable leather seat that’s been fitted for them.

Sutton says a subtle ‘two-tone’ exterior paint finish will distinguish the VIP Class LEVC taxi from the regular item, along with the fact that the taxi sign on the roof will have the ‘TAXI’ lettering replaced by ‘VIP’. For a finishing touch, buyers can even specify soft-close doors, for maximum, lingering on-pavement impact. Just to rub it in…

The price for being able to watch the agony of frustrated commuters as they try to flag your ‘cab’ down while you glide past? A piffling £120,000. Great value we say, although we’ll obviously need a receipt…

An experienced PR professional who’s represented some of the world’s best-known technology brands, Kulwinder began his career as a journalist and then editor, with stints on legendary British car magazines Supercar Classics and Fast Lane.

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