Hiver Honey Blonde craft beer makes a buzz on the highstreet

Sweet news from the world of craft beer: Hiver’s flagship Honey Blonde beer is now available from Waitrose and Sainsbury’s stores across the UK. 

Brewed with Kent Apple Blossom, Kennington Urban and Yorkshire Heather honeys, Honey Blonde beer is unpasteurised, to enhance the subtle honey flavours, and boasts a bee-utiful biscuit aroma. 

Hiver Beer is the brainchild of founder Hannah Rhodes, who has long admired London’s urban and rural beekeepers. This, coupled to a passion for craft beer, inspired the brand. Launched in 2013,  Hiver now produces three varieties: Blonde Beer, Amber Beer and Biscuit IPA.

Honey Blonde beer is unpasteurised, which enhances the subtle honey flavours…

Rhodes makes a point of sourcing all of her ingredients from UK suppliers, including natural honey from independent British beekeepers. Bees forage within a three-mile radius, which apparently helps to give each honey a unique depth of flavour, specific to the area it was created in. 

“My aim is to continue to make the freshest, best tasting beer around, while following a strict code of sustainability,” says Rhodes. “We will continue to produce premium craft beers that not only taste great, but save our bees and our planet, too!”

Flavour wise, this 4.5% ABV beverage boasts a low bitterness, with a creamy mouthfeel. Hands up if you can also distinguish a note of citrus. The flavour profiles are said to work particularly well with meat platters, cheese boards and lemon-roasted chicken. 

Hiver can also be found behind the bar at The Dorchester, Novotel Hotels and Tom Kerridge’s The Hand and Flowers.

Support your local bee population: every web order at Hiver is dispatched with a free seasonal pack or seeds or bulbs.

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