Armando Iannucci Sci-Fi comedy Avenue 5 renewed for second season

Armando Iannucci’s spaced-out Sci-Fi comedy Avenue 5 has been renewed for a second season.

Created and executive produced by Iannucci, the show is set forty years in the future when travelling the solar system in huge space ships is no different to taking a cruise.

A co-production between Sky and HBO, the nine episode first season saw the Avenue 5 thrown off course, effectively stranding crew and passengers in space – with every attempt to get back on track proving increasingly disastrous.

The series stars Golden Globe winner Hugh Laurie as Avenue 5 Captain Ryan Clark, along with Josh Gad as cruise line billionaire Herman Judd, and Zach Woods as head of customer relations Matt Spencer.

“In space no one can hear you scream but they can definitely hear you laugh…”

Hugh Laurie is the Captain of the ship…kind of

“They say ‘in space no one can hear you scream’ but Armando Iannucci proves they can definitely hear you laugh,” quips Jon Mountague, Director of Comedy for Sky Studios. “Millions of viewers were left starry eyed by Avenue 5’s cast lead by Hugh Laurie, they can’t wait for more.”

Creator Iannucci adds: “Sky is not the limit. There’s Space too. I’m thrilled Sky is giving me even more of it to play with. Nobody provides angst-ridden laughs better than Hugh Laurie, and we’re looking forward to seeing what further impossible situations and existential crises we can plunge him, Josh Gad and the rest of our fantastic cast into next.”

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