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Bowmore and Aston Martin Black Bowmore DB5 1964 special edition whisky has a license to thrill

Bowmore, the oldest distillery on the Scottish island of Islay, has partnered with Aston Martin for the special edition Black Bowmore DB5 1964.  

The high concept creation brings together an iconic whisky and a legendary car, part ultra-premium single malt and part genuine Aston Martin DB5 piston!

With only 25 bottles going on sale, this exceptionally rare release is positioned as a celebration of a defining moment in history for both luxury brands.

For Bowmore, 1964 represents arguably one of the most significant points in the distillery’s 240-year history. The arrival of a new boiler saw its operation enter the modern age of distilling as coal fires made way for steam in heating the stills. It was the first distillation from this new boiler that produced the spirit which was to become the iconic Black Bowmore; a rich, indulgent single malt.

First distilled November 5 1964, Black Bowmore is one of the rarest and most sought-after single malt whiskies in the world. This latest release represents only the sixth bottling of this legendary single malt. 

Since 1993, only six thousand bottles of Black Bowmore have ever been made available.

With only 25 bottles for sale, this exceptionally rare Black Bowmore DB5 1964 is a celebration of a defining moment in history…

The stunning DB5 1964 presentation case

“1964 represents a significant date in the modern history of the distillery,” explains David Turner, Distillery Manager at Bowmore . “Not only a key moment in how we distilled our spirit, but perhaps even more significant as this very spirit went onto create Black Bowmore. These defining moments are fundamental to the history of Bowmore. This collaboration with Aston Martin has allowed us to once again showcase this iconic single malt in the most incredible way.”

For Aston Martin, this was also the era of its most iconic car. Launched in 1963, the DB5 was immortalised in the James Bond classic Goldfinger

The DB5 represented a subtle but important evolution over its immediate predecessor, the DB4 Series 5, not least by virtue of an increase in engine capacity to 4.0-litres. This made the DB5 that much more of a sporting saloon which, combined with its exceptional styling, helped it to become one of the most desired sports cars of its generation. 

The DB5 bottle has been hand-crafted by Glasstorm

Sir David Brown, the then owner of Aston Martin Lagonda and the man who gave his initials to the ‘DB’ lineage, declared: “I believe it is the essential character of the DB5, and its ability to perform perfectly in all conditions, that makes this car so intensely satisfying to own.” 

The Black Bowmore DB5 bottle itself is handcrafted by Glasstorm, a contemporary glass studio, based in North East Scotland, and is presented in a handmade presentation calfskin box, with a custom solid brass latch and hinges, plated with nickel.

The Black Bowmore DB5 1964 will be available from late Autumn 2020, priced at £50,000.

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