Technics limited edition anniversary turntable not so limited anymore

The limited edition Technics SL-1210GAE anniversary turntable released in May, won’t be quite as limited as originally thought. 

The Hi-Fi major says it’s increasing the production run of the collectable deck, produced to celebrate the brand’s 55th anniversary, due to overwhelming demand. And that’s no spin.

An extra 210 units of the special edition all-black SL-1210GAE will be available globally, after the first allocation of the vinyl player sold out.

The solution was to extend the run to 1210 pieces – which rather cleverly matches the model designation of this highly sought after deck…

Special Edition turntable comes with a Nagaoka JT-1210 cartridge

“We’ve been swept along with the excitement surrounding the special edition all-black Technics SL-1210GAE turntable,” says Frank Balzuweit, Business Development Manager, Technics Europe. “It’s great to see that the love for Technics remains undiminished, 55 years into our story.”

Demand from enthusiasts for a larger allocation was unrelenting, says Balzuweit, “but we had to consider those who had already committed to buy one of the originally intended, highly desirable 1000 pieces. Striking the right balance between the two groups of Technics fans was important to us. Making more turntables, to go some-way towards meeting demand but, crucially, preserving the integrity of the limited edition.”

The solution, it seems, was to extend the run to 1210 pieces – which rather cutely matches the product designation of this highly sought after player . Which makes us wonder why they didn’t just opt to do that in the first place.

“Whether you’re lucky enough to own number 1 or 1210 you’ll be sure to have a very special turntable to celebrate our 55th anniversary,” says Balzuweit.

Priced at £4,500, the SL-1210GAE is based on Technics Grand Class SL-1200G hi-fi turntable, and features a full black finish and commemorative badge inscribed with a unique serial number to signify its authenticity.

The 10mm-thick aluminium top pane has an anodized black brushed hairline finish, while buttons and tonearm have a matching finish. It comes bundled by an equally exclusive Nagaoka JT-1210 pick-up cartridge.

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