Limited edition ES x Scout plum cocktail captures Sydney’s bar scene in a bottle

The new ES x Scout cocktail in a bottle from Copenhagen based distillery Empirical Spirits is a celebration of Sydney’s cocktail scene, but move fast if you want a sample. When it sells out there won’t be any more. You could say it’s plum and done.

A collaboration with Australian based bartender, Matt Whiley, this rich-looking one-off uses Empirical’s spirit, ‘Plum, I Suppose,’ mixed with Whiley’s chosen ingredients of pickle strawberry shrub and olive brine salted caramel.

The latest in the brand’s pre-batched cocktail collabs, it’s a sophisticated, grown-up summer drink that’s nowhere as sweet as you might think from its cheery hue, but it is deliciously moorish. 

ES x Scout follows on from Empirical’s limited-edition cocktails crafted by Lyaness in London and Little Red Door in Paris. A  percentage of profits from each of the ES x Scout bottles will be donated to Matt Whiley’s chosen charities; Hospitality Action and Marie Curie

ES x Scout follows on from Empirical’s limited-edition cocktails crafted by Lyaness in London and Little Red Door in Paris…

This collaboration with Matt Whiley is a limited edition tipple

Empirical launched this collaborative series with bars and bartenders to provide support for the hospitality industry, helping to bridge the gap between consumers and bars during the global lockdowns.  

It’s easy to imagine the series developing a cult following from cocktail enthusiasts, eager to to enjoy unique drink created by some of the world’s best bars.

ES x Scout is the first Australian bar to be featured in the series, with additional collaborations planned for release later this year. 

“During the global lockdown going out to bars and trying new drinks have been taken away from our guests and industry but these partnerships have given our community a chance to try new drinks,” explains Whiley.  “And at the same time give back to some incredible charities.”

Whiley worked with Empirical’s founders, Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen, to develop a unique recipe and his own desired flavour profile. 

For the ES x Scout cocktail, Matt chose Empirical’s core spirit blend, the sweet and floral ‘The Plum, I Suppose’ which is infused with a plum stone, then added his own ingredients. 

“‘I instantly fell in love with The Plum… and had a lot of fun playing around with the versatile spirit,” he notes. “Here I clarified some ugly plums, made a pickle strawberry shrub with passionfruit, lemon and cinnamon and made a salted caramel utilising the brine that’s usually thrown out…”

ES x Scout sells for €45, and is available to order via the Empirical webshop as well as Australian distributors, DRNKS, High Hopes Wine and P & V Merchants.

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