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Revealed: This interior design style could increase your home’s value by £340k

Could your home be worth significantly more with a simple interior styling update?

With the UK housing market gradually reopening, many will be resuming selling their properties this summer. But one thing sellers should be thinking about that they might not have considered is the specific style of interior design in their home, as it has a significant impact on its value… with some styles worth a lot more than others, according to a new report.

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Thanks to this new home value research, it turns out that opting for a Scandinavian interior design style will not only give your home a gorgeous glow-up, but is also proven to increase the value of your pile. 

It’s good news for many who are looking to give their homes a low-cost revamp, especially as Ikea stores reopen today across the UK.

Photo by Joseph Albanese from StockSnap

To discover the most highly valued interior styles, researchers entered the ten biggest interior design styles into Zoopla’s property search and calculated the average price of hundreds of homes, to determine how much more they cost than the average UK house. 

They found that Scandinavian décor can increase a home’s value by an average of £340,224. The average price of a Scandi-style house is listed is £572,079, which is a whopping £340,224 higher than the current average UK house price (£231,855 according to the Land Registry’s UK House Price Index (HPI).

In second place are homes with a farmhouse-style décor – which are, on average, valued at £289,543 more than the UK average.

Here’s the full list of how much each interior style could add to property value, as of May 2020…

  1. Scandinavian – +£340,224
  2. Farmhouse – +£289,543
  3. Rustic – +£285,097
  4. Bohemian – +£283,819
  5. Vintage – +£273,973
  6. Contemporary – +£269,292
  7. Mid-century modern – +£238,539
  8. Minimalist – +£220,594
  9. Industrial – +£165,079
  10. Traditional – +£115,243

What is Scandi style?

Scandinavian design favours functionality, with clean, simple lines – with a more relaxed, comfy vibe than modernist design. Muted colours are mixed with warm and cosy ‘hygge’ textures. Think of a bright and cool colour palette: light, natural exposed wood, and neutral whites, creams, blues and greys that will give a natural, calming feeling, as well as open up smaller spaces. To spruce up your place with Scandinavian style, have a look at furniture designers such as Skandium, 2Modern, and Nordic Nest.

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