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Discover the Japanese Green Tea paradise in the shadow of Mt. Fuji

Pop the kettle on – not only is today International Tea Day, but while we get cosy at home, we’re also taking the time to plan our big, future trips. And today, we’re actually drawing inspiration from our green tea cuppa. 

While the Japanese prefecture of Shizuoka is best known for being home to Mt. Fuji, what travellers might not realise is that the area is also the country’s largest producer of Green Tea. 

In fact, a huge 40 per cent of Japan’s green tea is grown in Shizuoka – and while these landscapes may look like calming Bob Ross artworks, they are actually the spectacular scenery of these Shizuoka Green Tea destinations, which have found a place at the top of our next Japan trip travel itinerary.

Tea plantations are dotted right across the prefecture, many of which boast stunning backdrops of the majestic Mt.Fuji. High in antioxidants and thought to bring with it a whole host of additional health benefits, there’s never been a better time to enjoy the traditional Japanese brew. 

Kuraya Narusawa, Izu Nagaoka

Credit: Shizuoka Tourism Japan

Izu Nagaoka is a small town in the beautiful Izu Peninsula, home to the Kuraya Narusawa tea plantation. Here, visitors can dress in a traditional Japanese outfit while exploring the fields and picking the fresh leaves from the tea bushes, all with beautiful views of Mt.Fuji on a clear day. Once picked, visitors can then enjoy a tea tasting and lunch back at the farm house… complete with craft beer brewed on site if you’ve had your day’s fill of tea by then!

Obuchi Sasaba and Imamiya, Fuji City

Credit: Shizuoka Tourism Japan

Two tea plantations famous for their stunning views of Mt. Fuji, Obuchi Sasaba and Imamiya are the perfect spots to the stop and admire the rows of tea below the iconic mountain. The best time of year to visit is from mid-April through to May, when the first tea leaves of the year are ready to be picked and there is still snow capping Fuji-san. 

You can find out more about Green Tea experiences in Shizuoka, here.

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