This new Sony soundbar sweetens Dolby Atmos with upgraded cinema sound

Sony has launched a Dolby Atmos compatible soundbar that promises improved cinematic sound, without a preponderance of speakers. The HT-G700 is a slimline offering which comes with a seperate wireless subwoofer to handle deep bass, and uses an upgraded version of the brand’s Vertical Surround Engine to cast sound high and wide.

Sony enjoyed considerable success with its last soundbar to incorporate Vertical Surround Engine technology, the HT-X8500. That model uses advanced DSP processing and precision sonic engineering, to give the illusion of immersive cinema sound, even though it lacked built-in upfiring speakers (which are commonly used to bounce Atmos height information off the ceiling).

Sony says it has improved its signal processing wizardry to broaden the Dolby Atmos sweet spot…

Sony HT-G700 Dolby Atmos soundbar promises immersive viewing

The new HT-G700 does much the same, although this time around, Sony says it has improved its signal processing wizardry to broaden the sweet spot, so that more listeners benefit from its sonic trickery. The brand suggests the listening experience is comparable to 7.1.2 channel surround sound. We’ll take that with a pinch of marketing salt, but we’re certainly keen to hear the thing in action.

The HT-G700, which is priced at £450,  also has a new AE (Audio Enhancement) button, which is used to upscale other sound formats, from 5.1 to stereo. The soundbar is also compatible with the DTS:X format. The soundbar also has a dedicated centre driver, to clarify dialogue and combat muffling.

Connectivity includes a 4k compatible HDMI with eARC/ARC, and Bluetooth, to simplify streaming from your smartphone.

Beefy S-Force PRO amplification should mean that the soundstage is large enough to partner with flatscreens measuring 55-inches and upwards.

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