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Neubau Côte Du Soleil sunglasses are the glamour fix we’ve been waiting for

Austrian eyewear brand Neubau has introduced the Côte Du Soleil, a special edition model which celebrates the cultural hotspot that was the French Riviera in the late 1960s.   

Taking inspiration from the classic 1979 French thriller La Piscine (The Swimming Pool), starring Alain Delon, Romy Schneider, Maurice Ronet and Jane Birkin, the stylish new sunglasses come in three models, fittingly named Romy, Alain and Maurice (let’s hope Jane is on the way too!). 

Each frame is subtly different, and comes in a choice of two colour variations.  

The Côte Du Soleil take inspiration from classic 1979 Italian-French movie thriller La Piscine

Evoking the glamour of French cinema in the sixties

Not only is the Côte Du Soleil overtly glamorous, it’s also made from a 100 per cent plant-based material, called natural3D, a first for the manufacturer. Made from oil extracted from the seeds of the castor oil plant, they’ve been produced using an advanced environmentally friendly printing process.

Previous eyewear from the brand have used a natural raw material, naturalPX, to make its flexible and lightweight eyeglass frames, 65 per cent of which was based on an oil also extracted from castor oil plants.  

 The collection is available from, and retails at £300. 

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