Marshall adds Indigo colour style to hard rocking Bluetooth speakers

Marshall has just released a new indigo colourway for its Kilburn II and Stockwell II portable Bluetooth speakers.

The subtle new hue makes a tempting alternative to the brand’s usual Motorhead black (don’t get us wrong, we’re all about Motorhead black here at TLR Towers).

The Marshall Kilburn 2 sells for around £240, while the Stockwell 2 is a modest £185. 

Both models offer more than 20 hours of wireless listening, at a range 10 metre and have  been designed to give a wide stereo spread. A visual battery indicator to let you know how much power is left, while analogue control knobs to fine-tune your sound. 

Reflecting their roots, the carry handle resembles a guitar strap, while the iconic Marshall script logo reflects the brand’s live music heritage.

Marshall know a thing or two about sound. The brand has been rocking out since 1962…

The design of the Marshall Stockwell II is all about heritage

The compact Stockwell II packs a punch, courtesy of its 20W amplifier and  is IPX4 water resistant. It comes with a power bank feature to charge your devices while you’re on the road, as well as its own quick charging capabilities. Twenty minutes on the wall gives you 6 hours of portable funtime. It weighs just 1.38kg.

The larger Kilburn II has an IPX2 water resistant rating, goes all the way up to eleven, yet still only weighs an easily transportable 3.5kg.  If you want to hardwire a portable device, there’s a 3.5mm input.

Quick charging gives you 3 hours of portable playtime in 20 minutes.  

Marshall know a thing or two about sound. The brand has been rocking out since 1962, when Jim Marshall first began selling his famed amplifier stacks to local musicians, they’ve since become iconic. 

The Marshall Stockwell II is available here in black, indigo, grey and burgundy. The Marshall Kilburn II is available here in black, Indigo, grey and burgundy.

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