Fit for a king: Shoryu launches royal ramen menu to celebrate Coronation 

Ramen bowl at Shoryu

Sorry, sausage rolls. At the risk of being controversial, we’re ready to ditch the usual street party fare this Coronation weekend. 

That’s because we’ve discovered Japanese favourite Shoryu’s special Coronation menu – and there’s not a cucumber sandwich in sight. 

Coronation Chicken Karaage bun at Shoryu
Coronation Chicken Karaage and Pumpkin Croquette buns at Shoryu

The new set menu, available for a limited time at Shoryu ramen bars in London, Manchester and Oxford this month, celebrates the new King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla in arguably the best way we’ve seen yet: with a beautiful mix of traditional British flavours and oodles of Hakata tonkotsu ramen. 

The menu includes a choice of two aptly Coronation-themed sides, four delicious ramens, four desserts and a selection of Corrie-cocktails. 

Ganso Tonkotsu at Shoryu
Ganso Tonkotsu, part of Shoryu’s limited edition Coronation menu

You’ll start with the choice of a namesake Coronation Chicken Karaage bun, comprised of soy marinated chicken karaage, iceberg lettuce, cucumber with coronation sauce, or a similarly styled pumpkin croquette bun. Both are tied together with a creamy, sweet curry sauce based on the Coronation chicken sauce created for Queen Elizabeth on her coronation in 1953 and the Japanese restaurant’s signature pillowy buns.

Yuzu White Natural ramen at Shoryu
The Yuzu White Natural ramen is a zesty vegan option on Shoryu’s Coronation menu

The crown jewels here, though, have to be the ramen offerings. Four are available as part of the new menu – we tried the Ganso Tonkotsu, the eaterie’s signature ramen, with a rich 12-hour pork bone broth, hosomen noodles, char siu barbecue pork belly and a nitamgo clarence court egg, and the vegan Yuzu White Natural, a spin on the restaurant’s regular vegan option, which boasts a delicious tonyu soy milk, miso, konbu and shitake broth, and tops it with a fresh yuzu zest for a zingy royal salute. 

For dessert, matcha ice cream and yuzu sorbets and joined by a decidedly festive Eton Mess ice cream, with meringue buttons and British strawberry ripple. 

Of course, no Coronation is complete without something to raise a toast with. We opted for Shoryu’s new Royal Kyuri Saketini: a refreshing cucumber and Martini bianco vermouth, mixed with Gekkeikan sake (the chosen sake of the Japanese Imperial Family, don’t-cha-know) and gin, for an aromatic pairing to proceedings. 

The Coronation restaurant set menu is priced at £27 per person, and is available for lunch and dinner until 15th May. Bookings available via shoryuramen.com

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