Automatic for the people: stylish Pro-Ject A1 turntable targets new record collectors

Pro-Ject has begun selling the Automat, its first fully automatic turntable. The brand has won multiple awards since it began making turntables in 1991. Now the A1 sees the Austrian-based maker widening its appeal to the growing army of vinyl enthusiasts.

While streaming may be the predominant way we listen to music, vinyl continues to demonstrate enduring appeal. Despite supply and production challenges in 2021, UK record sales jumped by 11 per cent, with well over 5.3m albums sold, representing a 14th year of consecutive growth. 

The A1 sees the Austrian-based maker widening its appeal to the growing army of vinyl enthusiasts…

The A1 Pro-Ject Automat without dust cover
This belt-drive deck has a straight aluminium tonearm

Ease of use is paramount. Fully automatic, this debut Automat model has 33 and 45 RPM controlled playback speeds, with auto start/stop button – just select and press. To keep your records pristine, a dust cover is included. 

The A1 belt-drive deck features an 8.3-inch aluminium tonearm with carbon fibre reinforced anti-magnetic headshell, with a built-in switchable Moving Magnet phono stage. The deck can be connected to any music system with a spare line input. Of course, if you want to user it with a dedicated phono stage, then you can.

It comes with a pre-adjusted Ortofon OM 10 cartridge, with elliptical stylus profile.

Ortofon cartridge tracks a record
A pre-adjusted Ortofon OM 10 cartridge comes as standard

Build quality looks solid. The stylish resonance-damped wooden chassis, comes with silicon-damped turntable feet, while the metal platter is damped for decreased wow and flutter.

Available now, the Pro-Ject A1 Automat turntable sells for £369.

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