Brilliant Bosch Freshup is a plasma powered clothes cleaner that literally dissolves odours

Bosch Freshup gadget cleaning the inside of a suit

Bosch hopes to clean up with a revolutionary gadget that can freshen up clothes without sprays or steam. It may sound like something out of Star Trek, but this new hand-held plasma gadget could save your valued vintage wardrobe from excess cleaning.

An electronic gizmo, it dissolves odours from fabrics, refreshing without the need for water, solvents or detergents. It literally uses plasma ions to break down the molecules which cause odours, when it’s run over clothes.

It can be used on suits, shirts, frocks and delicate fabrics, saving the time and the costs associated with dry cleaning. Bosch says the technology has been in development for years.  

An electronic gizmo, it dissolves odours from fabrics, refreshing without the need for water, solvents or detergents…

Bosch Freshup cleaner wipes a jumper while worn
The Freshup can be used on the clothes you’re wearing

The plasma discharge from the FreshUp device literally dissolves the bonds between odour molecules. Unlike sprays, which are used to mask smells, this device eliminates the odours completely. Bosch says it’ll work with pungent pongs like body odour, cigarette smoke and BBQ smoke.

It could also potentially save fabrics from tears, wear and discolouration: silk, cashmere and wool, which normally require extra care, can be cleaned with a sweep. Valuable vintage pieces or dry-clean-only items are saved from the stress of cleaning.

The FreshUp device is small enough to pop into a bag, and is rechargeable with a standard micro-USB charger. Fully charged, it’ll run for around an hour. It can be used on clothes while you wear them.  Handy? We think so!

The Bosch FreshUp will be available from 29 June, priced at £250. 

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