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New Bentley Home furniture collection features marble powder fabric and innovative Degradé lacquering

Bentley Home Collection Ramsey Sofa in a forest setting

Bentley Motors and Bentley Home have unveiled their new collaboration, a four strong luxury furniture collection that combines inspirational design with innovative finishes and materials, specifically a unique lacquering process and a futuristic fabric produced from marble powder.

The 2021 Collection comprises the Aldford Table, the Ramsey Sofa and Loveseat and the Styal Desk. 

Designed by Carlo Colombo in partnership with Bentley Design, the partnership puts a new spin on classic shapes, and provides a showcase for Bentley Home’s luxurious new Degradé lacquering and MARM \ MORE marble powder fabric.

Degradé lacquering is the overarching aesthetic of the collection. Applying it is a painstaking process. Before the Degradé essence can be created, a coat of varnish is hand-applied to protect the wood. A master craftsman then uses an airbrush to apply colour by hand, with just the right dose of lacquer, gradually drawing away from the wood to accentuate the colour gradient and faithfully replicate the detail in the natural shading. After this process is completed, a round of polishing gives the product body, depth and solidity. Four coats of varnish are then applied before a final round of polishing.

The finish is available in a variety of options: Deep Ocean, Midnight Walnut, Black Kenya, Dark Shadow, Rust Degradé, Silver Degradé and Bronze Degradé. Each is characterised by subtle nuances which range from black, to distinctive metallic colours. 

And yes, MARM \ MORE, developed and patented for Bentley Home, really does make use of the dust created during marble production. It’s sourced and produced in Italy.

Developing the new fabric was a complex  process, we’re told. Production of the fabric requires the powder from high quality marble to be mixed with a special composite to obtain a liquid microfilm. This microfilm recipe is then coupled with the selected cotton base textile to produce the finished fabric. 

It’s available in a choice of two colours: light grey and natural green, each with a matte finish. The covering can be used for every upholstered product within the new collection, as well as previous designs from Bentley Home.

Yes, Bentley’s MARM\MORE marble powder fabric really does make use of dust created during marble production…

Bentley Collection 2021 Styal Desk posed in front of a dramatic seascape
The audacious Styal Desk reinvents WFH office furniture

The Bentley Home 2021 Collection in depth…

The new Styal Desk reimagines the experience of working from home. A succession of curves run the length of the 3 metre wooden frame, covered in a choice of leather or veneer 

The structure and top can be customised in a choice of: Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore, Smoked Liquidambar or Burr Walnut root, with a glossy, brushed finishing. Alternatively, a leather-covered top can be chosen. FinDegradé lacquering effect is also brought in to finish the wood options.

Bentley Home Collection Aldford Table posed on a seafront
The Adford Table is available rectangular or circular

The new Aldford Table is available in both rectangular and circular versions. The design is enhanced by the three layers that make up the tabletop: the underside is lacquered in glossy black, and a metal profile runs around the perimeter. The double curve of the base and the sloping edge of the top are achieved using the very latest milling techniques.

Buyers can choose from three finishes for the legs: Burr Walnut, Smoked Liquid Ambar, or leather-covered. The top is available in Calacatta or Valentine Grey marble, or glossy Burr Walnut, Smoked Liquid Amber or Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore. Degradé lacquering is applied to all wood finishes.

Bentley Home Collection Ramsey loveseat posed on a rocky outcrop
The Ramsey seat defies gravity…kinda

Finally, the Ramsey seat appears to defy gravity, its tapered shell flows into armrests that reach upwards like outstretched wings. The lines are split by a transparent panel between the seat and backrest. The companion Ramsey Loveseat is a first from the brand. 

Both the sofa and loveseat are available in a choice of coverings: Warm Grey Fiddleback Sycamore, Smoked Liquidambar, Burr Walnut root, or covered in leather or the marble powder fabric. Degradé lacquering is also applied to the wood finishes.

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