Solar-powered electric catamaran unveiled by Silent-Yachts, combines luxury with unlimited cruising range

Silent-Yachts, the world’s first manufacturer of ocean-going solar-powered yachts, has announced plans to build a solar electric catamaran powered by Volkswagen’s modular electric drive matrix. The vessel will be designed by Barcelona’s progressive car brand Cupra. 

An intriguing collaboration between shipping and automotive industries, that seemingly takes a design cue from Thunderbirds, the solar electric catamaran promises noiseless navigation and unlimited cruising range. 

Key to the design is a new solar electric power system which feeds the electric propulsion of the vessel and supplies its household energy needs…

Key to the design is a new solar electric power system developed by Silent-Yachts, which both feeds the electric propulsion of the vessel and supplies all its household energy needs. The catamaran will offer greater comfort, independence, reliability and safety with less maintenance and costs than any conventional fuel-dependent propulsion and energy-supply, says the manufacturer.

“I’m happy to cooperate with our partners on this exciting new project,” said Michael Köhler, founder and CEO of silent-Yachts. “Volkswagen Group is one of the most advanced players on the electric cars market and I am sure together we can make something really special on the water.”

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