Spanish historical epic El Cid lands on Prime Video this December, here’s what you need to know

Spanish Amazon Original series El Cid, which will launch exclusively on Prime Video on December 18, is the next major series to add to Prime Video’s European TV slate, and the first scripted Spanish-language Amazon Original Series to launch exclusively to Prime members around the world.

The historical series stars Jaime Lorente (Money Heist) and tells the story of Rodrigo ‘Ruy’ Diaz de Vivar (aka El Cid), a national hero of Spain, but also touted as ‘one of the most mysterious and complex characters in the country’s history’. The five-episode series explores Ruy’s younger years when he becomes a faithful subject, knight and hero for the crown.

‘The story takes place in the eleventh century, one of the most fascinating periods in Spanish history, where Christians, Arabs and Jews lived together in the Iberian Peninsula, facing wars and forging alliances. El Cid is a story of love, intrigue, betrayal and the struggle between those with power and authority.’ 

The five-episode series explores El Cid’s younger years when he becomes a faithful subject, knight and hero for the crown…

The show promises to be spectacular. El Cid was filmed in the Spanish provinces of Soria, Burgos, Teruel as well as in Madrid, and the city of Zaragoza; a production spanning more than 4,000m, with a production staff of more than 200 people and 11,000 extras. In addition to Jaime Lorente starring as El Cid, the series also features actors José Luis García-Pérez as King Ferdinand I The Great, Elia Galera as Queen Sancha The Beauty, Carlos Bardem as the count of León, Juan Echanove in the role of the bishop, Alicia Sanz as the Infanta Urraca, Francisco Ortiz as Sancho VII the Strong, Jaime Olías as Alfonso VI, Lucía Guerrero as Jimena, Lucía Díez as the Infanta Elvira, Nicolás Illoro as King García, Juan Fernández as Rodrigo, El Cid’s grandfather,Pablo Álvarez as Orduño, the antagonistic of Ruy, Ginés García Millán as King Ramiro of Navarra, Dani Tatay as Beltrán, the son of Ramiro, Dani Albaladejo as Master Orotz, David Castillo as the squire Lisardo, Adrián Salzedo as Alvar, Álvaro Rico as Nuño, Emilio Buale as the warrior Sádaba, Hamid Krim as the Sultan of Zaragoza Al-Muqtadir, Sarah Perles as Amina, the Sultan’s daughter, and Zohar Liba as Abu Bakr. 

El Cid is produced by Zebra. Sara Fernández-Velasco is the Executive Producer alongside José Velasco, who is also the creator of the series together with Head Writer, Luis Arranz. The series is directed by Adolfo Martínez Pérez, Marco A. Castillo, Miguel Alcantud and Arantxa Echevarría. 

The original soundtrack was composed by the Academy Award-winning Gustavo Santaolalla (Brokeback Mountain, Babel), and Alfonso González Aguilar, composer of the Academy Award-nominated animation film, Klaus.

El Cid joins other Spanish Amazon Original Series on the streaming service,  including El Corazón de Sergio Ramos and The Challenge: ETA, as well as the upcoming releases La Templanza and Un Asunto Privado.  

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