It’s time to trade up from that Summer spritz with a Tequila & Tonic

Is it time to hang up your sombrero and rethink Tequila? El Rayo is suggesting that a T&T (aka Tequila & Tonic) makes for a refreshing alternative to an Aperol Spritz or G&T.

“We want to turn tequila into your first drink, not your last,” it maintains!

Designed to be savoured, not slammed, the T&T is best served in a highball glass (40ml will do it), with lots of ice, crisp tonic (“we recommend Double Dutch”), and a slice of bittersweet grapefruit.   

El Rayo’s Tequila is flavoured by the slow-grown Blue Agave plant, allowed to mature in Mexico’s highlands for eight years. Thanks to this sole ingredient, with natural herbal notes, El Rayo doesn’t need to add any additional botanicals or manufactured flavours, we’re told.

EL Rayo is available in two iteration. No.1 Plata has been twice distilled through copper stills, retaining clean and natural flavours, to create a vibrant, fresh and natural taste, while No.2 Reposado proffers a more complex mix of aromatic spices and burnt orange, softened for seven months in American white oak whiskey barrels.

Both are ideally paired with the bittersweet taste of tonic water. El Rayo Plata sells for £35 and is available here. El Rayo Reposado sells for £38 and is available here.

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