Amazon Studios orders second season of conspiracy thriller Hunters

The hunt is back on! Amazon Studios has confirmed that a second season of Hunters, its hit conspiracy thriller created by David Weil and executive produced by Jordan Peele, is on the way.

Hunters season one, a gory yarn about Jewish nazi hunters avenging the holocaust, starred Al Pacino, Logan Lerman, and Jerrika Hinton, and was celebrated for its Tarantino-esque grindhouse aesthetic and pithy, sharp script.  

Set in the late Seventies, it supposes that Nazis are alive and well, infiltrating American society.

“I am beyond grateful to Jen and the Amazon family for their continued extraordinary support of Hunters,” comments Weil. “Alongside our magnificent cast, incredible crew, and brilliant writers and producers, I am more eager than ever to share the next chapter of the Hunters saga with the world.”

Hunters takes inspiration from the real world Operation Paperclip, when the US gave safe haven to former Nazis…

These people are dangerous

The premise of Hunters takes inspiration from the real world Operation Paperclip, when the US gave safe haven to former Nazis, in order to secure the talents of German scientists and engineers. In this alternate take, Hilter’s acolytes are now actively looking to reboot the Reich – and Brooklyn seems as good a place to start as anywhere.

When Jonah Heidelbaum (Logan Lerman) witnesses his grandmother murdered by an unknown masked assailant, he vows to hunt down the killer, helped by mysterious family friend Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino). It doesn’t take long for the kid to discover there’s a whole lot more to Pacino than meets the eye, when he discovers a secret lair within Pacino’s townhouse. 

Turns out Pacino is leading a covert gang of vigilante Nazi hunters, known as The Ark, and Heidelbaum’s grandmother was a member of the band, a master investigator investigating the Gestapo.

The feature-length series pilot, directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon with cinematography by Frederick Elmes, is immensely cinematic, its soundtrack is heavy with Seventies pop classics, from the likes of Lou Rawls, The Rolling Stones and Bee Gees. 

If you’ve not caught it yet, Team TLR definitely reckons it’s worth a binge.

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